Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sprite Patterns April Day 25: Sakura and Her Supporting Cast

Hello! It's the last Thursday in Sprite Patterns April, so I know that I'm really close to the end of this! As it has been for the rest of the month, this Thursday is for three new Cardcaptor Sakura patterns. Today is better than the other three posts have been, however, because I have one pattern of Sakura, and then two to go with her of Syoran and Meiling! (I have one of Tomoyo that I'll post eventually, too, but I need to figure out what floss color is best for her dress and am a bit lazy for that tonight.) Meiling and Syoran will be leading the post, since I think the patterns are cute and they haven't been flooding this blog for the entire month. The one that I have for Sakura, though, is particularly elaborate, with a frilly little flippy skirt and a giant jester hat, so I'm hoping that compensates for her reduced presence. Either way, though, I'm not done with her yet. I still have several sprites of her left to chart, some more of the other characters, and have a big Tsubasa art book that I haven't used for any patterns yet. Whether you take that as good news or a threat, here are the patterns for today.

These patterns are it for now, but I'll be back tomorrow with another pile of nonsense! Until then, good luck with your crafts, and have a nice evening!


  1. I really love Sakura Pattern Thursdays! I'm sad that this is the last!


  2. I love your patterns! That cute sakura *. * Could you make some of Doctor Who David Tennant?:P