Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sprite Patterns April Day 27: I Really Don't Know

Hello! Today, I have a really fancy requested pattern that I made a few months ago to post. It is a larger than normal sprite pattern, with bunny ears and piles of hair and a cool hat, and it is very detailed, with lots of bright colors. My only problem is that I really have no idea who this character is. My file of the sprite was labeled as "meroko-yui," so I'm guessing that's her name, and judging by her super pink hair and flippy little skirt, it would also be my guess, though I'm not completely sure, that she is from an anime, and probably not a super-serious martial arts one at that. I will probably google the character name after I'm done with this post, but I sort of like having her be mysterious! I hope that you guys enjoy this pattern of the lovely and mysterious Meroko Yui.
I have to make some more patterns, so I'm done blogging for today, but will hopefully have some nifty new stuff tomorrow. Until then, have a nice weekend!