Monday, April 29, 2013

Sprite Patterns April Day 29: Two More, Fancier, Yu Yu Hakusho Patterns

Hello! It's getting really close to the end of Sprite Patterns April, but before it's over, I want to finish the set of Yu Yu Hakusho patterns that I started with yesterday! If you requested something else, don't worry! I still have a ton of patterns to post and will, in fact, be posting more stuff after the month has ended. For today, though, I have two more Yu Yu Hakusho patterns, tonight featuring Hiei and Kurama! Due to the gigantic hairstyles, these are the two largest patterns in the set, but I think that they ended up being pretty nifty, and not too oversized. Plus, at least in Kurama's case, there are some fancy clothes to stitch, too, which is fun.

I cannot type or spell tonight, so I am done posting for now! I'll be back with the last two characters in this set tomorrow, if you guys think you know who they are, but, until then, have a nice evening or day!


  1. *fangirl noise* These are sooo cute! I might take a break from my current project to stitch these!

  2. eeeeeeeeeee! Kurama! He looks great! and congrats on Hiei's hair!