Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sprite Patterns April Day 3: Two Doctor Who Patterns and Some Blurry Photos of Plastic Canvas

Hello! Thank you very much for all of the happy birthday comments yesterday! Believe it or not, it's more fun to get those comments than it is to get comments about buying hot tubs over the Internet or bootleg Prada bags from Russia, so I really appreciated it! Also, to Kakashi-copycat-kun, I got your request comment and look forward to making the most fantastic eyebrows (I think, I never was sure what was going on there) that have ever been on a sprite pattern.

For today, I was trying to decide between a few different pairs of sprite patterns to post, seeing as today is the third day of Sprite Patterns April, but finally decided that I should just post a couple of the ones I made yesterday and get it over with. Because of that, today's patterns are of the Ninth Doctor, played by Christopher Eccleston, from Doctor Who (in case you had no idea what I was talking about) and Rose Tyler, the companion from his season. I was a little worried about the first of the patterns, so I told my mom that I thought I'd made a completely indistinct looking sprite pattern, despite the fact that I matched it to photos as well as I could. She guessed that it was Christopher Eccleston, though, so I figured it was good enough. Since I'm not worried at all about the pattern of Rose, I'm guessing that it'll turn out that one is actually the terrible one. I have cool glitter floss for her coat, though, so my stitching of her, at least, will be super cool. Anyway, here are today's patterns! There are some notes on one of them,, but nothing too important.

These aren't the last Doctor Who patterns that will be posted this month, but there is one of the doctors, and a popular one at that, that will be conspicuously left out because people have more fun being really rude than saying something even halfway polite, especially if they're using e-mail rather than comment boxes. I do think that the other patterns in the set that I'm working on are pretty cool, though, so hopefully, that one won't be missed by too many people!

My brain feels sort of fried right now, but before I stop blogging for the day, I do want to show off some of the stuff I've been making. I have a lot of small projects I've been stitching, but for today, I took photos of some plastic canvas bookmarks that I've been making. I got the pattern flier "Bookmarks in Plastic Canvas," by Dick Martin, and am hoping to make all eight of the included patterns. So far, I have three done, which isn't so bad! I've been using 7-count plastic canvas for all of them.
Here are the two floral ones I've made so far. The blue flower was supposed to have a butterfly on top, but I didn't like how it looked at all, so I left it off.
This is a really bad photo, but I also made one of a worm in a sweater. I didn't like how it came out, but my sister did, so I gave it to here. The yarn that I used for this one was glittery, but since the blue and green didn't photograph as separate colors, I had no expectation that the sparkles would show up.

I am now finished for today, but I'm going to go work on some patterns for tomorrow, so I don't get so far behind that I end the month with an empty folder of patterns to post. I'll be back tomorrow with more patterns and perhaps more pictures of rubbish that I made!


  1. Cute bookmarks!! Thanks for the Doctor Who patterns!

  2. Thanks so much! They're feathers, at least that's what I think...cosplayed him and used feathers...but anywho, I can't wait to see them!! I'm sure once I do, they'll be the very next thing I stitch! <3

  3. Happy birthday! I'm very sorry it's late but it is very heartfelt. I am also sorry- sorrier even for late birthday wishes- to hear about people giving you a hard time considering the people who are doing it must on some level appreciate the patterns you rock on out for us all to use, free of charge. I can't imagine how people reckon being rude and mean will get them what they want. I am all for calling those people out- if you don't they'll just do it again and again until they get on Today Tonight (a current affairs program) and punch a reporter (not as funny as it sounds. I like that reporter)

    I am very excited to see Renji- no matter how his eyebrow tattoos come out (the Renji mousepad, satchel bag and plushie scattered about attest to the very special place he has in my hollow heart).

    I will one day get around to leaving some pattern suggestions but I always enjoy these pattern every day for a month events ^^

    <3 Em

  4. Yay for Doctor Who! Great work on your plastic canvas bookmarks too- I especially like the one with the blue flower :-)

  5. Ooo, more Dr Who! Much appreciated!!!

  6. Auch - I'm late with the birthday wishes! So sorry! >.> But still wishing you all the best!
    And thanks so much for the DW patterns (we're getting presents, instead of making something for you ^^"") It's just in time for the new episode! As I gave away the previous bookmark of the Doctor I stitched - I guess this means I should stitch it again along with those patterns!