Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sprite Patterns April Day 30: The End of the Month and the End of a Set

Hello! I know that it's the last day of Sprite Patterns April, so I should probably have a fancy post, but the last couple of days that I've had substitute teaching have been very bad, so I am not going to do much today. To end the month, however, I have the last two patterns in my Yu Yu Hakusho set, featuring Kuwabara and Botan! These are my two favorites in the set, since I like the characters and think that they'll look really nice when I cross stitch them. I sort of want to make the whole set, though, so that might not be saying too much. If you guys are also interested in using these patterns for some sort of craft, here they are!

Even though I'm done posting for today, I'll be back within a couple of days with some more patterns. I hope that you guys liked all of the patterns this month! It went better than December did, so I have no complaints about it. Have a nice start to your May!


  1. Ooo, Botan looks really good! So does Kuwabara, of course! But I really like Botan's colors. Perfect!

  2. Botan looks super adorable! I can't wait to get a chance to do this whole set!