Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sprite Patterns April Day 9: Team Rocket!

Hello, everyone! Yesterday, I said that I'd have recognizable characters for today, day 9 of Sprite Patterns April, so I have some patterns of Team Rocket, from Pokemon (because that was a necessary statement to add for readers of this blog), for this post. When I first started making sprite patterns, I made one of Jessie and James together, which I thought was pretty cool, but when I was working on stuff for this month, it bothered me that I hadn't made patterns of them individually. I know that I hadn't done their patterns that way at first due to the difficulties that Jessie's hair presented. Now, however, I am experienced enough at this nonsense to pixel up as many weird hairstyles as I want. Plus, I decided to experiment and see if I could make a decent pattern of Meowth, too. I'm not sure if I pulled it off, but I am going to post it anyway!

I do not feel capable of writing sentences tonight, so I am done for now! I will be back tomorrow, though, hopefully with a more coherent post. Until then, have a nice night and a good start to your tomorrow.

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