Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sprite Patterns December Day 17: Two Pangya Patterns Featuring Characters With Names Starting With N

Hello! Today is the 17th day of Sprite Patterns April, and, as I have declared it to be so, it is a day for Pangya patterns. My rationale for posting these today is a bit like my posting the Fatal Fury patterns last week. I feel that I've been reasonable for enough days in a row to post patterns that a lot of people are probably not eagerly awaiting. I really like my patterns for today, though, and if any of you out there are also looking to cross stitch tiny versions of playable characters from Korean online golf games, it is your lucky day. I've posted a lot of patterns from the game in the past, but today, I have two characters that have never before graced this blog with their presence- Nell and Nuri. A few months ago, I did do a perler bead version of Nell, with a badly mangled hand thanks to my stunning ironing skills, but never put the pattern up before. Nuri's pattern is a lot newer, since I did that one on Easter, but, hopefully, it's just as good. Here are today's patterns!

I don't have much else for today, but, since tomorrow is Thursday, I'll have some new Cardcaptor Sakura patterns for you then! Until then, have a lovely evening!

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