Friday, April 5, 2013

Sprite Patterns December Day 5: Robot Girls From Persona

Hello! I just got back from lunch at Hardees, where I had a bacon cheeseburger and curly fries. Usually, I am pretty okay with that, but my burger today had the onion from hell on it. When I bit into it, it felt like the inside of my nose exploded, and it burned my throat as I swallowed it. After that, I drank two cups of diet coke to try and wash the taste away, but I ended up having to take stronger measures, chewing peppermint gum so strong that it makes all of the air you breathe in seem cold. I chewed the gum as long as I could stand it, but my mouth still tastes like the onion. However, this flavor shall soon pass.

Today, seeing as today is the fifth day of Sprite Patterns April, I have two patterns for you, featuring the robot girls from Persona 4 Arena. I don't have any strong feelings towards the game, since I mostly just play it against my brother, but he plays it a lot when I'm making patterns and the characters look cool, so I've ended up with sprites of quite a few of the characters. (Chie and Elizabeth were both posted in December of last year.) I thought that the robots, Aegis and Labrys, came out really well, though, so they're getting posted today. I've already stitched Labrys, and with plenty of sparkly silver floss, so I know that pattern works decently, and I can't imagine that there would be any serious problems with Aegis. I have my sparkly gold floss ready for her, though, so I'll know soon enough. Here are the patterns, for your stitching or beading pleasure! (If you do use these for a perler bead project, let me know how their tiny robot legs hold up! I think I'd put some clear beads by their knees, but I'm always worried my perler stuff will snap in half.)

With those two patterns posted, I'm done for today, but there's a lot of the month left, so there are many patterns left to come. I'll be back again tomorrow, so, until then, good luck with whatever craft projects you may be working on!

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