Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Neopets Pattern That Absolutely No One Asked For

Hello! Today I have a new pattern to post, which mostly serves as proof that, if I am making cross stitch patterns for things that I am not terribly knowledgeable about, I should either make the charts right away or label them clearly. Usually, I make patterns for stuff I like, so, in the expectation that I won't hit my head and forget about every fighting game I've ever played without my knowledge of PC paint programs, blogging, or cross stitching being affected, I feel okay about occasionally naming my files such helpful things as "iugrsfh" or  "stupidhaircut." Today, however, I went to chart a half finished Neopets pattern that I had on my desktop labelled "ihatesnow.png." Though this gave me a good idea of what was going on with the weather the day that I was last working on it, it did not help me out much with knowing what it actually was. I was pretty sure that it was a Chia, though, and with the help of my sister, determined that it was probably an Eggplant Chia. Google Image Search confirmed this, and also showed me that a lot of people spend their time dumping chia seeds on top of eggplant parmesan. I would have saved some time had my file been properly labelled, but since I figured things out in the end, I will probably do the same thing again. Anyway, here is today's pattern!

I've gotten requests for other Neopets patterns, so I will work on those and hopefully have some of the characters that you guys actually want done and ready to post in the near future. I have a lot of other stuff to post, too, which will probably be here sooner, so, until then, have a nice day and good luck with whatever crafts you're doing!


  1. this is the best pattern you've designed yet, in my opinion. Ahh, the memories of neopets!

  2. Hey, I made a post about Miyazaki, and I get your Ponyo patterns with a link to your blog. I hope you don't mind!