Saturday, June 29, 2013

Wildberry Princess and Gibberish About Sprite Patterns

Hi, everyone! I turned on my computer tonight, and it was more boring than I'd expected, so I'm doing a blog post! I don't know if you guys want to cross stitch or perler bead or do any sort of craft with Wildberry Princess from Adventure Time, but even if you don't, here is a pattern. I kept this pattern small and simple, so that I could use it for plastic canvas projects, but it should work pretty well regardless of what craft for which you use it. My version of this is going to have tons of glitter, so I hope that your plans are equally lovely and productive.
Now that I have that done, I have a bit to say about the sprite patterns that I have ready to post here! I am not short on them at all, since I have about 40 of them charted and ready to go, with over 30 of them still sitting on my desktop to be made into patterns. This is not a bad thing, but along with all of my fighting game patterns that no one at all asked for, there are also a lot of patterns that people requested, making it difficult to decide what to post next. That's why I have decided that I am just going to write down all of the sprite patterns that I have made and draw them out of a jar when I am doing a blog post, adding new patterns to the jar as they are made. It may be more effort than it is actually worth, but I feel that it will allow for a proper distribution of different types of nonsense across several different posts.

I am done here for tonight, but should be back with more patterns soon! Wednesday, July 3rd, is going to be this blog's 5th Annual Heal Slime Day, so that's coming up very soon, but I might post before then, too. Either way, I hope that you have a nice rest of your weekend and good luck with your craft stuff!

Monday, June 24, 2013

IHSW June- Four Finished Sprites and a New Pattern

Hello! I have seen some other finish-up posts for International Hermit and Stitch Weekend, which is hosted by Joysze at Random Ramblings, and I have to say that several other stitchers seem to have had more productive weekends than I did. I'm not sure that they'd be able to say that they unlocked quite as much as I did in Subway Surfers or Animal Crossing, but as far as showing off cross stitching goes, they probably have me beaten. Starting on Thursday, though, which I realize is stretching things, I was able to finish four cross stitched versions of my sprite patterns!
Here are my sprites from Thursday and Friday, which I'm sure are very exciting. The one to the left is Meiling from Cardcaptors/Cardcaptor Sakura/whatever you want to call it, and the one on the right is Morrigan from Darkstalkers/a giant pile of fighting games with the words "Capcom" and "vs." in the titles. Neither of these are that exciting, but the fur thing on the top of Morrigan's maybe-it's-a-swimsuit torso cover was stitched in glow in the dark floss, which looked pretty impressive when I actually got it to glow.
After that, I stitched these two sprites, featuring the 9th Doctor and Martha Jones, both from Doctor Who, on Saturday, Sunday, and today. (I realize that these characters don't match in terms of the TV show, but I've been stitching a lot of my Doctor Who patterns, and these two just happened to end up next to each other.) I made a couple of mistakes on Martha, but still think that she looks all right, and can't actually remember where both of them were. If you'd like to check for yourself, though, here is the previously unposted sprite pattern for Martha! As is usually the case, my colors are a little different from the ones listed on the pattern, but since these sprite patterns are usually pretty simple, it shouldn't matter too much what colors you end up using.
I am done with this blog for now, but am hoping to post more stuff here very soon! I have a lot of requested patterns to work on and a lot of stuff that I suspect no one but me actually wanted, too. Hopefully, I'll have some of both of those things ready for you guys soon!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Two New Sprite Patterns- One Really Complicated and One That Ought to Be Easy to Stitch

Hello! I haven't been posting here as much as I should lately, but, since I officially got into grad school and now only have imaginary reasons to panic about it rather than real ones, I'm hoping to post more frequently. I know that I'll be posting some photos of standees on Sunday night or Monday, since this is an International Hermit and Stitch Weekend, as hosted by Joyzse of Random Ramblings. So far, I've gotten one of them finished, so I can already say that the post will not be totally empty. For tonight, however, I have two new sprite patterns for you guys!

The first of tonight's sprite patterns will be new to all of you but Tiki, of the lovely blog Tiki Stitches, who requested and got this pattern of Colin Baker as the sixth Doctor on Doctor Who several weeks ago. I haven't actually seen any of his episodes of Doctor Who, but BBC America is going to show a big chunk of them next weekend, which should fix that. Still, I was really happy with how this pattern came out! It requires a really ridiculous amount of different colors of yellow, which might be inconvenient. None of them require enough stitches that you'd have to find anything but scraps of the different yellows, though, so hopefully, that helps.
For my second pattern tonight, I have a lovely sprite of Wii Fit Trainer, who, as you may have guessed, is the personal trainer from Wii Fit. I have never played that, but I think that it's pretty funny that she's made it into the new Smash Bros. game, as was announced at E3, as it seems that several others do, too, so she gets a pattern. It's not a very complicated or colorful sprite, so I thought that it would be good to post her with the excessively colorful pattern of the sixth Doctor.
I don't have anything else to post tonight, but I hope that you guys like these patterns! I have a lot of other sprite patterns ready to go, some sprites that still need to be put into patterns, and some bigger patterns that I'm working on, too, so I should be posting again soon. Until then, have a nice weekend!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Tiny Cross Stitched Pikmin Patterns

Hello! I spent the first part of this week watching and reading coverage of Nintendo at E3, so I got all excited about making Nintendo themed cross stitch patterns. Unfortunately, I don't have Wii Fit Trainer for you guys today, though she will get a sprite pattern soon, but I have made a set of Pikmin patterns! I don't like the Pikmin games at all, since I think they're stressful and depressing, but I do like the Pikmin themselves, meaning that cross stitching them seemed much better than actually getting out the Game Cube game to play it.

Even though the Pikmin are little plant guys instead of people, I wanted to be able to stitch them to fit in with my standee army, so I drew them to match my sprite patterns. They are smaller, though, so I used backstitching for the outline in order to get more detail in without having to deal with a stupid row of black pixels on the outside. These patterns still only use whole stitches, though, so it's still easy to stitch all five of the Pikmin on plastic canvas. I haven't tried it, but I imagine that if you leave off the backstitch, they should work for perler beads, too. Anyway, here is the pattern, which is a glorious product of a long battle between myself and KG Stitch.
Before digitizing this pattern, I wanted to make sure that it actually worked, so I stitched the Pikmin for myself over the past few days. Here is an actual nice photo of just a few of them, so you can see up close what they're supposed to look like. The white one on the end was done with a darker than suggested backstitch, a waving hand, and a different plant on its head, so I can say for certain that it's easy to experiment with these if you want to do something like that!
I did stitch all five of them, though, so here is a blurry and crooked photo of the entire set, including an extra white Pikmin that I stitched while trying to decide what color with which to outline it. Also, when stitched, I think that the purple one looks like the weird blobby thing from Adventure Time that danced until it shot juice all over the house and looked like it was dead, but that doesn't really have much to do with anything.
With that posted, I'm done for today, so I hope you like this tiny set of tiny patterns! I should be back with something else soon, so, until then, good luck with your stitching, or whatever other crafts you're doing.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Bunch of Cross Stitching That I Finished

Hello! I haven't posted here for a couple of weeks, and don't have much of a reason as to why that is. For tonight's post, however, I have a bunch of photos of stuff that I've been cross stitching! I'm still working on patterns, and there will  be some of them in my next post, but today, I just have show off-y pictures.

My first cross stitch project that I have to show you guys is of Kay Faraday from Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth. I hadn't stitched any of the sprites from the Phoenix Wright games before, so I wasn't sure how it would come out, but I think she looks nifty. She got stitched in just a few days, but the majority of the project was finished during a 13-hour marathon of Arrested Development. The main stitching got done when I had an hour left to watch, so I added a backstitch around her in one strand of gold glitter floss, which doesn't show up too well in this photo. It looks cool in person, though. I also stitched this on some 14-count butter yellow Zweigart Aida cloth that I got in a bin of fabric at Goodwill. This was probably a waste of the fabric, but really, what fancier and more sophisticated project was I actually going to stitch on it? Plus, I still have a lot of the fabric left, so I get to use it again!

Though I should probably just post the photo and move on, I thought I would also share with you a beautiful photo of the chart that I worked from. Since I didn't do the pattern for my blog, I was left with a lovely, scribbled on sprite print out that I'm sure will make the lives of all who see it better. Pay special attention to my super technical floss color list in the margin!
My next project after this was to cross stitch a really cruddy mini kit of a peace sign that I got at Hobby Lobby. I kind of like how it ended up looking, but while stitching it, the fabric frayed, the needle was slightly jagged, the colors didn't match the package, and, as I was framing it, it turned out that the stitched picture was a little larger than the provided frame. I'm done with it now, though, so I never have to deal with any of that again.
After that, I got all excited because, on his lovely blog, Qiezei's Unlicensed Video Games Blog, Qiezei posted a pile of lovely instruction book scans for a Game Boy King of Fighters knockoff, Super Fighters S, which featured large and pixel perfect portraits of the cast of King of Fighters '97. Most of the portraits were downgraded and cheerier looking versions of the character portraits from King of Fighters '99, for the included characters that were in that game, though I'm not sure where the others originated from. Regardless of where the images began, however, they were bright, stitchable, and, most importantly, newly available King of Fighters sprites, so, as soon as I'd gotten a reply from Qiezei about stitching them, I started in on the project. I trimmed down every character from their page into a printable image, even though I doubt I'll ever make some of them, and, after some consideration that ended in remembering the "No one calls me honey and gets to keep their spleen!" thing from Fatal Fury, started stitching Blue Mary. It ended up being a lot more fun to work on this than it was to stitch the fighter sprites from NES King of Fighters bootlegs, probably because the project was a little niftier looking in the end. (I did make a really cool perler bead of an NES version of Nakoruru from Samurai Shodown, though, if that counts for anything.)

The Aida cloth that I used for this project was also from the bag that I got at Goodwill, so I'm not sure what count it was. I know that it's bigger than 14-count, smaller than 11-count, and has room for five more of these character portraits, though, which seems like an okay amount of information. I also realize that I used the incorrect colors for this project, but I got a bag of generic pastel floss at Wal-Mart and thought that it would work well for this, so I decided that it wasn't too important for Mary to have her bright yellow hair and red shirt. Besides, she has an alternate color scheme with a pink shirt in some of the King of Fighters games, so this is almost accurate.
In case you're curious, here's what the pattern for this stitching looked like by the time I was done with it! The pixels were large and clear enough that I didn't have to put it on a grid, but my confusing numbers and boxes made it easy for me to read as I stitched this. If you look closely enough, you can also see the water spots from when I was stitching outside and it began to rain. Once again, I want to thank Qiezei for making these images readily available!

I've been stitching some sprite patterns, too, but since I'm not too far from finishing the sheets I'm working on, I'll save those for another post. Because of that, I'm finished for tonight, but I hope to be back with some shiny new patterns soon. Until then, have a nice weekend and a good start to your week!