Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Bunch of Cross Stitching That I Finished

Hello! I haven't posted here for a couple of weeks, and don't have much of a reason as to why that is. For tonight's post, however, I have a bunch of photos of stuff that I've been cross stitching! I'm still working on patterns, and there will  be some of them in my next post, but today, I just have show off-y pictures.

My first cross stitch project that I have to show you guys is of Kay Faraday from Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth. I hadn't stitched any of the sprites from the Phoenix Wright games before, so I wasn't sure how it would come out, but I think she looks nifty. She got stitched in just a few days, but the majority of the project was finished during a 13-hour marathon of Arrested Development. The main stitching got done when I had an hour left to watch, so I added a backstitch around her in one strand of gold glitter floss, which doesn't show up too well in this photo. It looks cool in person, though. I also stitched this on some 14-count butter yellow Zweigart Aida cloth that I got in a bin of fabric at Goodwill. This was probably a waste of the fabric, but really, what fancier and more sophisticated project was I actually going to stitch on it? Plus, I still have a lot of the fabric left, so I get to use it again!

Though I should probably just post the photo and move on, I thought I would also share with you a beautiful photo of the chart that I worked from. Since I didn't do the pattern for my blog, I was left with a lovely, scribbled on sprite print out that I'm sure will make the lives of all who see it better. Pay special attention to my super technical floss color list in the margin!
My next project after this was to cross stitch a really cruddy mini kit of a peace sign that I got at Hobby Lobby. I kind of like how it ended up looking, but while stitching it, the fabric frayed, the needle was slightly jagged, the colors didn't match the package, and, as I was framing it, it turned out that the stitched picture was a little larger than the provided frame. I'm done with it now, though, so I never have to deal with any of that again.
After that, I got all excited because, on his lovely blog, Qiezei's Unlicensed Video Games Blog, Qiezei posted a pile of lovely instruction book scans for a Game Boy King of Fighters knockoff, Super Fighters S, which featured large and pixel perfect portraits of the cast of King of Fighters '97. Most of the portraits were downgraded and cheerier looking versions of the character portraits from King of Fighters '99, for the included characters that were in that game, though I'm not sure where the others originated from. Regardless of where the images began, however, they were bright, stitchable, and, most importantly, newly available King of Fighters sprites, so, as soon as I'd gotten a reply from Qiezei about stitching them, I started in on the project. I trimmed down every character from their page into a printable image, even though I doubt I'll ever make some of them, and, after some consideration that ended in remembering the "No one calls me honey and gets to keep their spleen!" thing from Fatal Fury, started stitching Blue Mary. It ended up being a lot more fun to work on this than it was to stitch the fighter sprites from NES King of Fighters bootlegs, probably because the project was a little niftier looking in the end. (I did make a really cool perler bead of an NES version of Nakoruru from Samurai Shodown, though, if that counts for anything.)

The Aida cloth that I used for this project was also from the bag that I got at Goodwill, so I'm not sure what count it was. I know that it's bigger than 14-count, smaller than 11-count, and has room for five more of these character portraits, though, which seems like an okay amount of information. I also realize that I used the incorrect colors for this project, but I got a bag of generic pastel floss at Wal-Mart and thought that it would work well for this, so I decided that it wasn't too important for Mary to have her bright yellow hair and red shirt. Besides, she has an alternate color scheme with a pink shirt in some of the King of Fighters games, so this is almost accurate.
In case you're curious, here's what the pattern for this stitching looked like by the time I was done with it! The pixels were large and clear enough that I didn't have to put it on a grid, but my confusing numbers and boxes made it easy for me to read as I stitched this. If you look closely enough, you can also see the water spots from when I was stitching outside and it began to rain. Once again, I want to thank Qiezei for making these images readily available!

I've been stitching some sprite patterns, too, but since I'm not too far from finishing the sheets I'm working on, I'll save those for another post. Because of that, I'm finished for tonight, but I hope to be back with some shiny new patterns soon. Until then, have a nice weekend and a good start to your week!