Monday, June 24, 2013

IHSW June- Four Finished Sprites and a New Pattern

Hello! I have seen some other finish-up posts for International Hermit and Stitch Weekend, which is hosted by Joysze at Random Ramblings, and I have to say that several other stitchers seem to have had more productive weekends than I did. I'm not sure that they'd be able to say that they unlocked quite as much as I did in Subway Surfers or Animal Crossing, but as far as showing off cross stitching goes, they probably have me beaten. Starting on Thursday, though, which I realize is stretching things, I was able to finish four cross stitched versions of my sprite patterns!
Here are my sprites from Thursday and Friday, which I'm sure are very exciting. The one to the left is Meiling from Cardcaptors/Cardcaptor Sakura/whatever you want to call it, and the one on the right is Morrigan from Darkstalkers/a giant pile of fighting games with the words "Capcom" and "vs." in the titles. Neither of these are that exciting, but the fur thing on the top of Morrigan's maybe-it's-a-swimsuit torso cover was stitched in glow in the dark floss, which looked pretty impressive when I actually got it to glow.
After that, I stitched these two sprites, featuring the 9th Doctor and Martha Jones, both from Doctor Who, on Saturday, Sunday, and today. (I realize that these characters don't match in terms of the TV show, but I've been stitching a lot of my Doctor Who patterns, and these two just happened to end up next to each other.) I made a couple of mistakes on Martha, but still think that she looks all right, and can't actually remember where both of them were. If you'd like to check for yourself, though, here is the previously unposted sprite pattern for Martha! As is usually the case, my colors are a little different from the ones listed on the pattern, but since these sprite patterns are usually pretty simple, it shouldn't matter too much what colors you end up using.
I am done with this blog for now, but am hoping to post more stuff here very soon! I have a lot of requested patterns to work on and a lot of stuff that I suspect no one but me actually wanted, too. Hopefully, I'll have some of both of those things ready for you guys soon!


  1. please make a villager pattern!

  2. I like the doctor who's patterns, I have to try them.
    You know Fushigi yuugi, I would like to make them in cross stich or hama. I couldn't see patterns of ny of them in your blog or Saint Seiya it would be wonderful.

  3. I love your doctor who patterns, will you be designing the tardis or any of the monsters? I'd love to stitch a cyberman!

  4. I hope you just meant you were done with that blog post.

    Because I love stalking you on your blog and seeing all your patterns as well as your work. *grins*