Saturday, June 29, 2013

Wildberry Princess and Gibberish About Sprite Patterns

Hi, everyone! I turned on my computer tonight, and it was more boring than I'd expected, so I'm doing a blog post! I don't know if you guys want to cross stitch or perler bead or do any sort of craft with Wildberry Princess from Adventure Time, but even if you don't, here is a pattern. I kept this pattern small and simple, so that I could use it for plastic canvas projects, but it should work pretty well regardless of what craft for which you use it. My version of this is going to have tons of glitter, so I hope that your plans are equally lovely and productive.
Now that I have that done, I have a bit to say about the sprite patterns that I have ready to post here! I am not short on them at all, since I have about 40 of them charted and ready to go, with over 30 of them still sitting on my desktop to be made into patterns. This is not a bad thing, but along with all of my fighting game patterns that no one at all asked for, there are also a lot of patterns that people requested, making it difficult to decide what to post next. That's why I have decided that I am just going to write down all of the sprite patterns that I have made and draw them out of a jar when I am doing a blog post, adding new patterns to the jar as they are made. It may be more effort than it is actually worth, but I feel that it will allow for a proper distribution of different types of nonsense across several different posts.

I am done here for tonight, but should be back with more patterns soon! Wednesday, July 3rd, is going to be this blog's 5th Annual Heal Slime Day, so that's coming up very soon, but I might post before then, too. Either way, I hope that you have a nice rest of your weekend and good luck with your craft stuff!

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  1. Thanks!! I know you have a lot of patterns requested waiting for some of Fussigi yuugi