Monday, July 29, 2013

Sprite Patterns of Characters From Pokemon, Doctor Who, and Fushigi Yugi

Hello! I've gotten a lot of sprite pattern requests, and have quite a few of them that I want to make for my own purposes, too. Before I made a giant pile of new sprites, though, I wanted to actually get all of the ones that I'd already done made into cross stitch patterns. I managed to do that yesterday, which seemed like a decent accomplishment, but the downside of it is that I now have 90 patterns in my sprite pattern random choosing jar. Because of that, I am posting today to try and cut down on that number by a bit.

The first pattern that I drew for today is Nuriko, one of the very detailed members of the pretty Fushigi Yugi sprite pattern set. When working on them, this pattern was my favorite, since I thought that the pinks and purples looked really nice and was happy that I got his over-the-shoulder braid to look okay when I was done. There might be a few too many colors in this pattern, but since that keeps it from being boring to stitch, I don't think that's too bad.
My second pattern for today is one that I'm really happy to have gotten, featuring Amy Pond from Doctor Who! I stitched this one last month and thought that it ended up being really cute, after I made sprite patterns for both Amy and Rory. (When I finish formatting these cross stitch patterns, I print them out for myself, so I've already made some of the ones that get posted here.)  The colors on the preview image in this pattern look a little darker than they should, even after I double checked my floss colors next to photos and, in the case of her leggings, an actual skein of DMC 3802. I used generic floss when I made her for myself, though, and the only change that I had to make was a line of backstitching between the leggings and the skirt, so it doesn't really matter what you do, color-wise.
Today's last pattern, making this a pretty good post, is of Skyla from Pokemon. Before I actually post this pattern, I have to say that, if it weren't for that weird giant puffy coat that Elesa has in Black/White 2, Skyla would have the stupidest outfit in any of the Pokemon games. I am not sure why, in a cold climate, you would want to wear a half-shirt and short-shorts, especially when you're obviously chilly enough also have giant boots, elbow length gloves, and a turtleneck. She also has way too many belts to explain them all, and her hair, though it's nothing remarkable in Pokemon world, is also sort of odd. I think that this pattern ended up being cute, though, and hope to stitch it myself. Besides, with all the fighting games that I play, I've seen outfits much worse than this one.
Since I still have 87 patterns in my jar, which doesn't count bigger charts that I've made, and am off to make more of them, I will be posting here again pretty soon. I keep making weird typing errors, though, so for now, I am finished here. Have a nice day, and a good week, too!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Bunch of Really Elaborate Sprite Patterns That No One Ever Asked For Me to Make

Hello! Tonight, I turned on Pangya to play virtual golf, since that's super exciting, but then realized I wasn't very enthusiastic about it and signed off right away. Between that and the fact that I've added a little less than twenty new sprite patterns to my jar since the last time that I posted, it seemed like it would be a good idea to do a blog post tonight! As is always the case, I'm going to draw the names of three patterns from the jar and then post them, so I'm hoping that not everything I pick tonight is stuff that I just made for myself. If it is, though, that raises the chances of the next post being all requested patterns, so either way, it won't be too bad.

For my first pattern tonight, I drew a character from Pangya, which I guess is some sort of cosmic punishment for my not having stuck around to actually play the game tonight. I stitched this myself so long ago that I had to go and double check that I hadn't actually posted it already, but the character in question is Kaz, the game's resident angst-y demon boy who somehow works out his issues by playing magical golf in a variety of fancy clothes. The outfit that I went with for this pattern is the one that pops up in a lot of his default character art, though I'm not sure that such an elaborate scarf really goes with the no-shirt thing, especially in terms of dressing for any sort of weather. This does look pretty nifty when it's actually stitched, though, so if any of you guys plan to make it yourselves, it should work out well.
Tonight's second pattern is another one that I made for my own purposes, though I think that the character is a bit more popular. This one is of Noel Vermillion from Blazblue, who is a cool character that wears an inexplicable outfit. I thought that making a sprite pattern of her would be really difficult, but in the end, I think that it came out well, down to the weird spear ribbons that fly off of the metal cuffs on her arms. Actually, I was more surprised that I got her beret to look decent, but since berets are things that people have in reality, they seem less interesting on the pattern.
To finish off this lovely post full of things that I'm sure everyone is super excited about hopping offline to stitch, the final sprite pattern for today is of Tizoc, from Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves. I, personally, am very excited about the fact that I have made a sprite pattern for every character from Mark of the Wolves and plan to stitch every one of them in the near future. As the character also appears in King of Fighters XI, I feel like it was somehow inevitable that a pattern of him would eventually be made and posted on this very blog. I think that I did a pretty nice job on the bird mask and feather cape, too, so if you're sitting at your computer like, "Ooh, I think it's time to stitch an elaborate sprite pattern of a bird themed Mexican wrestler, preferably with a lot of red floss, and I also love SNK fighting games," then you are currently very lucky.
Now that I have those patterns posted, I am done for tonight. I've been working a lot on stitching the Pacific Rim pattern that I posted last week, so I should have that to show off pretty soon, and, as always, have been stitching quite a few of my sprite patterns. Since tonight's post ended up being only non-requested patterns, though, I will try to post again in the next couple of days. Until then, have a nice rest of your weekends!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Three Random Sprite Patterns With Two Shiny New Requested Charts

Hello! It is currently after midnight, but it is hot out and I have had a ridiculous amount of caffeine, so I am not quite ready for bed yet. That's why I have decided that it's time for more blogging! Tonight, as promised, I have three new sprite patterns for you guys, though I don't know which ones they'll be yet. I got out my sprite patterns jar, though, which I guess is fun, so it should be interesting!

Tonight, to deflect part of the blame for what will be posted, I had my sister and one of her friends draw from the patterns jar! My sister went first, and her random pick was Tamahome from Fushigi Yugi. Like I said when I posted Miaka, I'm happy with how the Fushigi Yugi patterns came out, but the ones for the guys are fancier than her pattern was. Tamahome isn't the most elaborate one by a longshot, but I think that his hair ended up being very nice. The guys in this anime have unnaturally shiny hair, so I had to put highlights in when I made them. It makes them a little more time consuming to stitch, but hopefully, it's worth it!
When it was her turn, my sister's friend drew Princess Ayeka, from Tenchi Muyo, so here is another sprite pattern with elaborate hair and flowing clothing. Ayeka isn't my favorite character from Tenchi, but I like this pattern and will probably stitch it at some point.
Since I still needed a final pattern for this post, I picked the last one from the jar, which happens to be of Danny Phantom. I do not know any more about the character than I did the last time that I posted a Danny Phantom pattern, but I was happy with this chart. This one is a little taller than most of the sprite patterns, since he has that whole wobbly ghost bottom half, so if you decide to stitch it as part of a set, that should be taken into account. Other than that, and maybe the eyebrows, this is a pretty normal sprite pattern, so I hope that you guys enjoy stitching this!
I am running out of steam more quickly than I'd anticipated, probably because it is getting pretty close to one in the morning. I should be back with a chattier and more coherent post soon, though, to which I am looking forward. If you are reading this late at night, sleep well, and if you are a sane person that isn't reading this until the morning, have a great day!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Internet is Slow Today

The post below was originally written about an hour ago, but the internet was flickering on and off due to the heat, I think, making it difficult to actually get tonight's pattern uploaded. I'm sure that all of you out there will be glad to know that I have now had my diced tomato and hamburger pizza, and it was delicious.

Hello, everyone! This post is probably not going to be very long, because someone that I probably yelled at for swearing and throwing stuff while I was substitute teaching is currently in the process of bringing pizza to my house. I made a new cross stitch pattern that I want to post, though, so that's why I am currently here. Since it came out last Friday, which was less than a week ago, I have been to see Pacific Rim twice, since it perhaps the finest giant robot film ever to be shown in the local theater. I guess that's not saying much, since the only other giant robot movies that have played here are the Transformers ones, which I am not a fan of to the extent that I like them significantly less than this ripoff movie that I saw on Netflix called Transmorphers: Fall of Man, but, either way, Pacific Rim is really cool. That is why I made a quick to stitch monochrome cross stitch pattern of the insignia for the Pan Pacific Defense Corps, the organization within the movie that has people hopping in giant robots to beat up sea monsters. It should look pretty cool next to my plastic canvas stitch of the insignia for the SDF-1 from Robotech (or Macross, if you want to go all "Robotech isn't a real show!" on me), so I am going to make it later. If you would also like to do some Pacific Rim themed crafting, since I know that the demand for it is intense, here is the pattern!

I am smart enough to know when I am sleepy, overheated, and rambling like a crazy person, so I am done for now. I should be posting again very soon, though, with three new sprite patterns, so until then, stay cool and have a nice rest of your week!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mamegoma the Blobby Looking Seal (I Know That Label Is Not Proper or Official, But It Is True)

Hello! I have no big reason to post here today. I have not been very productive with my cross stitching lately, and I don't have anything very exciting to type about, either. However, a couple of weeks ago, I got a new package of Bonbon yarn, which is a bag of tiny balls of sparkly yarn that I use for plastic canvas stuff, and I made some patterns of mascot type characters for it. My big revelation while working on this, which I'm sure will sound stupid to other nerds who like cute cartoon animals that exist only to sell stationery, is that San-X and Sanrio are different companies. Before I made these patterns, I thought that, despite the fact that they don't seem particularly edgy or scandalous, San-X was some sort of sub brand to Sanrio that existed to sell stuff to people who thought they were too sophisticated for all of the Hello Kitty nonsense floating around stores. I am not sure what made me think this, as dogs with afros seem to be on about the same level as cats with giant red bows on their ears, but that is what I thought.

None of that actually affects today's cross stitch pattern, but since it is of a San-X character, I thought that it was worth typing about. Today's pattern is of Mamegoma, which is either a blobby looking seal or a group of blobby looking seals. I was unable to figure that out, though I'm not sure it matters. This pattern is not very complicated, since I designed it to use for a plastic canvas pattern with a small amount of colors, but that means that you can stitch it in whatever colors you like best! I used a dark blue outline with a bright blue fill in, since those were the colors I had glittery yarn in, but it would look nice with just about any set of colors.

I don't have much else to say for today, and want to go make some sprite patterns, so that's it for today's blog post! I have a couple more patterns to go with this one coming up, as well as a ton of new sprite patterns, so I should be able to post again very soon. Until then, though, good luck with all of your craft projects, and, as always, if you have a pattern request, feel free to leave it in the comments!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

An All Girl Post of Randomly Chosen Sprite Patterns

Hello! Tonight, I am blogging because it seems like as good a thing to use my computer for as anything else! I want to thank everyone for all of the nice comments on the last post. If you have a request, which goes for anyone, you can just leave it as a comment, and I will do my best to make it for you! Also, I had no idea that anyone would want the Another sprite patterns, so I'm glad that some of you are looking forward to the second one. Tonight is just going to be another post with three sprite patterns, which I'm about to draw from my mason jar of mystery, so hopefully, it's a good set of them!

Having just drawn them, I feel like I should have made some sort of blurry video of myself drawing the three slips from the jar, to prove that I didn't cheat, since one of the three was of Mei Misaki, the other character that I made from Another. I feel like the obscurity of at least one of the other patterns more than makes up for this one, though, so that is probably okay. I have cross stitched this pattern before, and think that it turned out okay, though it's so straightforward that I'm not sure what could have gone wrong as I stitched it. I did make her skin too pale when I stitched this, so it looks sort of like I just forgot to stitch one of her eyes instead of the whole creepy-girl eyepatch thing, so I'd warn against that, but I have nothing else to say about this pattern.
My next pattern for tonight, which I feel more than makes up for the one that people actually wanted, is of Chae Lim, a King of Fighters character who only appears in the 3D games that people like to complain about more than they like to play. If you've read this blog for a long period of time, it shouldn't surprise you to see this pattern, and it also shouldn't surprise you that she is not the most obscure fighting game character in the patterns jar.
The third character that I drew is part of a set of sprite patterns that I've been working on from Blazblue, another fighting game series. It's a cool set to work on, but all of the patterns from it have ended up being ridiculously detailed and a bit oversized. I think that's sort of cool, though, so I haven't let that stop me. The first character from the set that I've picked is Taokaka, who is a slightly demonic looking cat girl. I've stitched this pattern before, and when I made her, she ended up looking kind of like the ghosts that you have to run around and catch in bottles in Ocarina of Time, but that doesn't seem too bad. If you do stitch her, though, be careful not to have the yellow braids and off white cloak be too close to the same color. I did that, and her braids almost disappeared, so I had to take out the stitches and give her a new, slightly different, hair color.
That's it for my blog tonight, but I've been charting so many of my sprites that I still have over fifty cross stitch patterns to pick from in my jar! A lot of requests are included, as well as a lot of characters from video games about kicking people and/or playing magical golf, so if there's something that you're looking forward to, it has as good a chance as anything to be picked. I should be posting again very soon, but until then, have a nice start to your week!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Three Sprite Patterns in Generic School Outfits and a Photo of a Craft Thing I Made

Hello! Right now, I am trying to get through a grad school English majors' recommended reading list. While this is not going badly as a whole, I am currently reading Manhattan Transfer by John Dos Passos, which is (despite the fact that I can understand why it is on the list) one of the most soul crushing books that I have ever tried to get through. I am about halfway done with it, which seems good for two days of reading, especially since I read two other books on the list earlier this week, but at the moment, I need a break from the constant suffering, so instead, I'm posting here!

Today, I have pulled three more cross stitch sprite patterns out of my random selection jar, which was explained in my last post. I think that there are 58 different ones in there now, and I've tried my best to shuffle it, so hopefully, I have gotten a decent variety of them.

The first of today's three patterns is of Miaka, from the anime Fushigi Yugi, which is actually a pattern that just got added to the jar tonight! I don't know too much about Fushigi Yugi, since I've only seen a couple of episodes of an OAV, but made a pattern set for it that I'm very happy with. Miaka is probably the least detailed and fancy pattern in the set, since the boys almost all have frillier clothes and more elaborate hair than she does, but I still think that this pattern ended up being cute.
The next pattern that I drew is of a character from Another, which is a Japanese book about a school with some Final Destination level ghost problems that I read and thought was pretty entertaining. I thought that the anime for it was not quite as fun to watch as when the "no signal" bar bounces up and down on my TV when the station that I want to watch is not coming in, but sometimes that happens. I did two patterns from this, one for each of the leads, but tonight, Sakakibara, the generic looking guy, got drawn from the jar. This isn't a very exciting pattern, but if you need to cross stitch some guy in a school uniform, it may be exactly what you need. I've actually made this one, too, so I can vouch for the fact that it ends up looking like the pattern does.
Tonight's final cross stitch pattern is also from a requested set, though this one is from Danny Phantom rather than Fushigi Yugi. I know about as much about this cartoon as I did the other, though, so this slip of paper was labeled "Danny (not special)" rather than anything that would make sense to me at midnight days after I'd written it. However, after going through my folder of patterns to post, I have discovered that this must be a pattern of Danny when he is not a superhero, since I have a corresponding pattern of him being a superhero labelled "Danny (no legs)." This is another pattern that's not too intense in terms of detail, but that should make it easy to stitch or bead!
Now that I have tonight's patterns posted, I have a craft project that I did to show off to everyone! It is not a cross stitching thing, but it's a fleece no-sew pillow, which I was sure that I would somehow destroy. However, it worked out quite well, and after a little over two hours, I had a lovely Hello Kitty pillow that's sure to terrify whoever gets stuck living with me at school! I used a pillowform, which may be cheating, but it looks spiffy, so I don't care. Plus, I actually got a good photo of it with my 3DS!

I feel refreshed and properly prepared to finish the chunk of 1920s experimental fiction I'd wanted to get through before bed, so I am now done posting here! I hope that you guys liked today's patterns, and will be back with more of them soon. Have a nice weekend!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Three New Sprite Patterns of Characters from Fruits Basket, Fatal Fury, and Cardcaptor Sakura

Hello! Today I actually got everything ready to do drawings for the cross stitch sprite patterns that I'll include in any given post. It was not an exciting task, though I did write the character names with a hot pink Hello Kitty gel pen, which was cool. In order to get things set up, though, I wrote all 50 charts (of characters both requested and otherwise) that I had made and ready to post on the back of a piece of stupid looking scrapbook paper, chopped it up, and then folded each piece of paper in half before placing them all in this lovely mason jar, seen here:
It turns out that this jar is not quite big enough to shuffle the papers by shaking them, as I'd hoped, but I dumped them out two or three times and mixed them up that way instead.

I'm sure that all of that "how to fill a jar with wads of paper" stuff was very fascinating, but now that it's out of the way, here are today's patterns for all of your crafting purposes! The first one that I grabbed (which I feel like will be a symbol of problems with this idea to come) is for Gato, a character from the lovely SNK fighting game Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves. I made a sprite pattern for every character from this game, mostly for my own use, but I know that there are at least a few other of you out there who've made my fighting game patterns, so this shouldn't be a total loss! Plus, I think that I really got this one to look like the character, which is always good. At some point in the future, I will have posted a pattern for every character from the game (with Rock Howard having been posted quite a while ago), but for now, here is Gato.
In a turn of events that may prove to be more popular, the second character that I picked was Tohru, from Fruits Basket! I'm currently working on a set of Fruits Basket patterns, so not all of the characters have been finished yet, but Tohru seems like as good a character as any to start with. As I worked on this pattern, I felt that Tohru was bad, stupid, and had dumb hair, but now that I'm not actually working on it, I have no problem with her. KG Stitch even made the preview image come out properly.
The last pattern for today, which I know several people were actually waiting for, is of Tomoyo from Cardcaptor Sakura. When I made this pattern, I decided to use her concert dress, since it was cute and didn't look like anything Sakura wore, but the proper dusty looking colors might not work too well for Perler beads. It can't hurt much to make a Cardcaptor Sakura fan art more pink and frilly, though, so that doesn't seem so bad.
There is the first post of my randomly choosing which sprite patterns to post experiment, and today, I don't think it went too badly. After a post made up entirely of fighting game characters with weird masks and minor characters from Robotech, I might feel differently, but since that wouldn't be too different from what I do here normally, that is okay. I hope that you guys liked today's patterns and are able to use them for some sort of craft project. Have a nice end to your weekend or start to your week, depending on your time zone!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dork Stitch's 5th Annual Heal Slime Day

Hello, everyone! Today is July 3rd, so that means that it's time for Dork Stitch's completely arbitrary Annual Heal Slime Day! This is the fifth time that I've been able to inflict this on you guys, and I think that it's very lucky both that some of you have been reading this blog for almost the entire time it's been up, and that more of you keep following this blog to read all of my nonsense. Even though a fancy cross stitch pattern of a monster from Dragon Quest may not be the best way to commemorate the fact that this blog is not dead, that is what I have, mostly because it's my blog and I like Heal Slime.

For this year's pattern, I based the chart on a photo of a toy rather than a strategy guide drawing or a sprite from one of the games, and I think that it came out very well! Unlike the Heal Slimes of previous years, it has no outline, so if you for some reason really hate cross stitching or beading outlines but like Dragon Quest, this may be the pattern for you. Other than that, though, this is a pretty normal pattern, so I hope that you guys like it!

I don't have anything else to post for Heal Slime day, so for now, I am done posting! I'm hoping to be back within the next couple of days with some sprite patterns, though, so until then, have a happy July 4th, whether you're in the USA and it's a holiday for you or in another country where it's just a normal Thursday!