Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Bunch of Really Elaborate Sprite Patterns That No One Ever Asked For Me to Make

Hello! Tonight, I turned on Pangya to play virtual golf, since that's super exciting, but then realized I wasn't very enthusiastic about it and signed off right away. Between that and the fact that I've added a little less than twenty new sprite patterns to my jar since the last time that I posted, it seemed like it would be a good idea to do a blog post tonight! As is always the case, I'm going to draw the names of three patterns from the jar and then post them, so I'm hoping that not everything I pick tonight is stuff that I just made for myself. If it is, though, that raises the chances of the next post being all requested patterns, so either way, it won't be too bad.

For my first pattern tonight, I drew a character from Pangya, which I guess is some sort of cosmic punishment for my not having stuck around to actually play the game tonight. I stitched this myself so long ago that I had to go and double check that I hadn't actually posted it already, but the character in question is Kaz, the game's resident angst-y demon boy who somehow works out his issues by playing magical golf in a variety of fancy clothes. The outfit that I went with for this pattern is the one that pops up in a lot of his default character art, though I'm not sure that such an elaborate scarf really goes with the no-shirt thing, especially in terms of dressing for any sort of weather. This does look pretty nifty when it's actually stitched, though, so if any of you guys plan to make it yourselves, it should work out well.
Tonight's second pattern is another one that I made for my own purposes, though I think that the character is a bit more popular. This one is of Noel Vermillion from Blazblue, who is a cool character that wears an inexplicable outfit. I thought that making a sprite pattern of her would be really difficult, but in the end, I think that it came out well, down to the weird spear ribbons that fly off of the metal cuffs on her arms. Actually, I was more surprised that I got her beret to look decent, but since berets are things that people have in reality, they seem less interesting on the pattern.
To finish off this lovely post full of things that I'm sure everyone is super excited about hopping offline to stitch, the final sprite pattern for today is of Tizoc, from Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves. I, personally, am very excited about the fact that I have made a sprite pattern for every character from Mark of the Wolves and plan to stitch every one of them in the near future. As the character also appears in King of Fighters XI, I feel like it was somehow inevitable that a pattern of him would eventually be made and posted on this very blog. I think that I did a pretty nice job on the bird mask and feather cape, too, so if you're sitting at your computer like, "Ooh, I think it's time to stitch an elaborate sprite pattern of a bird themed Mexican wrestler, preferably with a lot of red floss, and I also love SNK fighting games," then you are currently very lucky.
Now that I have those patterns posted, I am done for tonight. I've been working a lot on stitching the Pacific Rim pattern that I posted last week, so I should have that to show off pretty soon, and, as always, have been stitching quite a few of my sprite patterns. Since tonight's post ended up being only non-requested patterns, though, I will try to post again in the next couple of days. Until then, have a nice rest of your weekends!

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  1. I absolutely love your posts - I bet there really is someone out there, somewhere, who could be thinking that - my brother would go five words in and add 'for my sister' to your Mexican wrestler bit. He WANTS that Sprite!