Sunday, July 14, 2013

An All Girl Post of Randomly Chosen Sprite Patterns

Hello! Tonight, I am blogging because it seems like as good a thing to use my computer for as anything else! I want to thank everyone for all of the nice comments on the last post. If you have a request, which goes for anyone, you can just leave it as a comment, and I will do my best to make it for you! Also, I had no idea that anyone would want the Another sprite patterns, so I'm glad that some of you are looking forward to the second one. Tonight is just going to be another post with three sprite patterns, which I'm about to draw from my mason jar of mystery, so hopefully, it's a good set of them!

Having just drawn them, I feel like I should have made some sort of blurry video of myself drawing the three slips from the jar, to prove that I didn't cheat, since one of the three was of Mei Misaki, the other character that I made from Another. I feel like the obscurity of at least one of the other patterns more than makes up for this one, though, so that is probably okay. I have cross stitched this pattern before, and think that it turned out okay, though it's so straightforward that I'm not sure what could have gone wrong as I stitched it. I did make her skin too pale when I stitched this, so it looks sort of like I just forgot to stitch one of her eyes instead of the whole creepy-girl eyepatch thing, so I'd warn against that, but I have nothing else to say about this pattern.
My next pattern for tonight, which I feel more than makes up for the one that people actually wanted, is of Chae Lim, a King of Fighters character who only appears in the 3D games that people like to complain about more than they like to play. If you've read this blog for a long period of time, it shouldn't surprise you to see this pattern, and it also shouldn't surprise you that she is not the most obscure fighting game character in the patterns jar.
The third character that I drew is part of a set of sprite patterns that I've been working on from Blazblue, another fighting game series. It's a cool set to work on, but all of the patterns from it have ended up being ridiculously detailed and a bit oversized. I think that's sort of cool, though, so I haven't let that stop me. The first character from the set that I've picked is Taokaka, who is a slightly demonic looking cat girl. I've stitched this pattern before, and when I made her, she ended up looking kind of like the ghosts that you have to run around and catch in bottles in Ocarina of Time, but that doesn't seem too bad. If you do stitch her, though, be careful not to have the yellow braids and off white cloak be too close to the same color. I did that, and her braids almost disappeared, so I had to take out the stitches and give her a new, slightly different, hair color.
That's it for my blog tonight, but I've been charting so many of my sprites that I still have over fifty cross stitch patterns to pick from in my jar! A lot of requests are included, as well as a lot of characters from video games about kicking people and/or playing magical golf, so if there's something that you're looking forward to, it has as good a chance as anything to be picked. I should be posting again very soon, but until then, have a nice start to your week!

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