Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dork Stitch's 5th Annual Heal Slime Day

Hello, everyone! Today is July 3rd, so that means that it's time for Dork Stitch's completely arbitrary Annual Heal Slime Day! This is the fifth time that I've been able to inflict this on you guys, and I think that it's very lucky both that some of you have been reading this blog for almost the entire time it's been up, and that more of you keep following this blog to read all of my nonsense. Even though a fancy cross stitch pattern of a monster from Dragon Quest may not be the best way to commemorate the fact that this blog is not dead, that is what I have, mostly because it's my blog and I like Heal Slime.

For this year's pattern, I based the chart on a photo of a toy rather than a strategy guide drawing or a sprite from one of the games, and I think that it came out very well! Unlike the Heal Slimes of previous years, it has no outline, so if you for some reason really hate cross stitching or beading outlines but like Dragon Quest, this may be the pattern for you. Other than that, though, this is a pretty normal pattern, so I hope that you guys like it!

I don't have anything else to post for Heal Slime day, so for now, I am done posting! I'm hoping to be back within the next couple of days with some sprite patterns, though, so until then, have a happy July 4th, whether you're in the USA and it's a holiday for you or in another country where it's just a normal Thursday!