Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Internet is Slow Today

The post below was originally written about an hour ago, but the internet was flickering on and off due to the heat, I think, making it difficult to actually get tonight's pattern uploaded. I'm sure that all of you out there will be glad to know that I have now had my diced tomato and hamburger pizza, and it was delicious.

Hello, everyone! This post is probably not going to be very long, because someone that I probably yelled at for swearing and throwing stuff while I was substitute teaching is currently in the process of bringing pizza to my house. I made a new cross stitch pattern that I want to post, though, so that's why I am currently here. Since it came out last Friday, which was less than a week ago, I have been to see Pacific Rim twice, since it perhaps the finest giant robot film ever to be shown in the local theater. I guess that's not saying much, since the only other giant robot movies that have played here are the Transformers ones, which I am not a fan of to the extent that I like them significantly less than this ripoff movie that I saw on Netflix called Transmorphers: Fall of Man, but, either way, Pacific Rim is really cool. That is why I made a quick to stitch monochrome cross stitch pattern of the insignia for the Pan Pacific Defense Corps, the organization within the movie that has people hopping in giant robots to beat up sea monsters. It should look pretty cool next to my plastic canvas stitch of the insignia for the SDF-1 from Robotech (or Macross, if you want to go all "Robotech isn't a real show!" on me), so I am going to make it later. If you would also like to do some Pacific Rim themed crafting, since I know that the demand for it is intense, here is the pattern!

I am smart enough to know when I am sleepy, overheated, and rambling like a crazy person, so I am done for now. I should be posting again very soon, though, with three new sprite patterns, so until then, stay cool and have a nice rest of your week!

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