Monday, July 29, 2013

Sprite Patterns of Characters From Pokemon, Doctor Who, and Fushigi Yugi

Hello! I've gotten a lot of sprite pattern requests, and have quite a few of them that I want to make for my own purposes, too. Before I made a giant pile of new sprites, though, I wanted to actually get all of the ones that I'd already done made into cross stitch patterns. I managed to do that yesterday, which seemed like a decent accomplishment, but the downside of it is that I now have 90 patterns in my sprite pattern random choosing jar. Because of that, I am posting today to try and cut down on that number by a bit.

The first pattern that I drew for today is Nuriko, one of the very detailed members of the pretty Fushigi Yugi sprite pattern set. When working on them, this pattern was my favorite, since I thought that the pinks and purples looked really nice and was happy that I got his over-the-shoulder braid to look okay when I was done. There might be a few too many colors in this pattern, but since that keeps it from being boring to stitch, I don't think that's too bad.
My second pattern for today is one that I'm really happy to have gotten, featuring Amy Pond from Doctor Who! I stitched this one last month and thought that it ended up being really cute, after I made sprite patterns for both Amy and Rory. (When I finish formatting these cross stitch patterns, I print them out for myself, so I've already made some of the ones that get posted here.)  The colors on the preview image in this pattern look a little darker than they should, even after I double checked my floss colors next to photos and, in the case of her leggings, an actual skein of DMC 3802. I used generic floss when I made her for myself, though, and the only change that I had to make was a line of backstitching between the leggings and the skirt, so it doesn't really matter what you do, color-wise.
Today's last pattern, making this a pretty good post, is of Skyla from Pokemon. Before I actually post this pattern, I have to say that, if it weren't for that weird giant puffy coat that Elesa has in Black/White 2, Skyla would have the stupidest outfit in any of the Pokemon games. I am not sure why, in a cold climate, you would want to wear a half-shirt and short-shorts, especially when you're obviously chilly enough also have giant boots, elbow length gloves, and a turtleneck. She also has way too many belts to explain them all, and her hair, though it's nothing remarkable in Pokemon world, is also sort of odd. I think that this pattern ended up being cute, though, and hope to stitch it myself. Besides, with all the fighting games that I play, I've seen outfits much worse than this one.
Since I still have 87 patterns in my jar, which doesn't count bigger charts that I've made, and am off to make more of them, I will be posting here again pretty soon. I keep making weird typing errors, though, so for now, I am finished here. Have a nice day, and a good week, too!


  1. Ooo, these are nice! One into the definite file, the other two into the probably file :D lol!

  2. Nuriko !! Thanks

    I did Miaka and Tamahome with hama, I will be posting it asap