Friday, July 19, 2013

Three Random Sprite Patterns With Two Shiny New Requested Charts

Hello! It is currently after midnight, but it is hot out and I have had a ridiculous amount of caffeine, so I am not quite ready for bed yet. That's why I have decided that it's time for more blogging! Tonight, as promised, I have three new sprite patterns for you guys, though I don't know which ones they'll be yet. I got out my sprite patterns jar, though, which I guess is fun, so it should be interesting!

Tonight, to deflect part of the blame for what will be posted, I had my sister and one of her friends draw from the patterns jar! My sister went first, and her random pick was Tamahome from Fushigi Yugi. Like I said when I posted Miaka, I'm happy with how the Fushigi Yugi patterns came out, but the ones for the guys are fancier than her pattern was. Tamahome isn't the most elaborate one by a longshot, but I think that his hair ended up being very nice. The guys in this anime have unnaturally shiny hair, so I had to put highlights in when I made them. It makes them a little more time consuming to stitch, but hopefully, it's worth it!
When it was her turn, my sister's friend drew Princess Ayeka, from Tenchi Muyo, so here is another sprite pattern with elaborate hair and flowing clothing. Ayeka isn't my favorite character from Tenchi, but I like this pattern and will probably stitch it at some point.
Since I still needed a final pattern for this post, I picked the last one from the jar, which happens to be of Danny Phantom. I do not know any more about the character than I did the last time that I posted a Danny Phantom pattern, but I was happy with this chart. This one is a little taller than most of the sprite patterns, since he has that whole wobbly ghost bottom half, so if you decide to stitch it as part of a set, that should be taken into account. Other than that, and maybe the eyebrows, this is a pretty normal sprite pattern, so I hope that you guys enjoy stitching this!
I am running out of steam more quickly than I'd anticipated, probably because it is getting pretty close to one in the morning. I should be back with a chattier and more coherent post soon, though, to which I am looking forward. If you are reading this late at night, sleep well, and if you are a sane person that isn't reading this until the morning, have a great day!


  1. Have you ever considered making sprite patterns for the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion?

  2. I was absolutely looking for a site like yours, but didn't find anything!
    I really have to bookmark your site!
    Keep the good work up!

  3. Wow, a post where I know all the characters!
    I'm going to have fun with these, thanks! :D