Friday, July 12, 2013

Three Sprite Patterns in Generic School Outfits and a Photo of a Craft Thing I Made

Hello! Right now, I am trying to get through a grad school English majors' recommended reading list. While this is not going badly as a whole, I am currently reading Manhattan Transfer by John Dos Passos, which is (despite the fact that I can understand why it is on the list) one of the most soul crushing books that I have ever tried to get through. I am about halfway done with it, which seems good for two days of reading, especially since I read two other books on the list earlier this week, but at the moment, I need a break from the constant suffering, so instead, I'm posting here!

Today, I have pulled three more cross stitch sprite patterns out of my random selection jar, which was explained in my last post. I think that there are 58 different ones in there now, and I've tried my best to shuffle it, so hopefully, I have gotten a decent variety of them.

The first of today's three patterns is of Miaka, from the anime Fushigi Yugi, which is actually a pattern that just got added to the jar tonight! I don't know too much about Fushigi Yugi, since I've only seen a couple of episodes of an OAV, but made a pattern set for it that I'm very happy with. Miaka is probably the least detailed and fancy pattern in the set, since the boys almost all have frillier clothes and more elaborate hair than she does, but I still think that this pattern ended up being cute.
The next pattern that I drew is of a character from Another, which is a Japanese book about a school with some Final Destination level ghost problems that I read and thought was pretty entertaining. I thought that the anime for it was not quite as fun to watch as when the "no signal" bar bounces up and down on my TV when the station that I want to watch is not coming in, but sometimes that happens. I did two patterns from this, one for each of the leads, but tonight, Sakakibara, the generic looking guy, got drawn from the jar. This isn't a very exciting pattern, but if you need to cross stitch some guy in a school uniform, it may be exactly what you need. I've actually made this one, too, so I can vouch for the fact that it ends up looking like the pattern does.
Tonight's final cross stitch pattern is also from a requested set, though this one is from Danny Phantom rather than Fushigi Yugi. I know about as much about this cartoon as I did the other, though, so this slip of paper was labeled "Danny (not special)" rather than anything that would make sense to me at midnight days after I'd written it. However, after going through my folder of patterns to post, I have discovered that this must be a pattern of Danny when he is not a superhero, since I have a corresponding pattern of him being a superhero labelled "Danny (no legs)." This is another pattern that's not too intense in terms of detail, but that should make it easy to stitch or bead!
Now that I have tonight's patterns posted, I have a craft project that I did to show off to everyone! It is not a cross stitching thing, but it's a fleece no-sew pillow, which I was sure that I would somehow destroy. However, it worked out quite well, and after a little over two hours, I had a lovely Hello Kitty pillow that's sure to terrify whoever gets stuck living with me at school! I used a pillowform, which may be cheating, but it looks spiffy, so I don't care. Plus, I actually got a good photo of it with my 3DS!

I feel refreshed and properly prepared to finish the chunk of 1920s experimental fiction I'd wanted to get through before bed, so I am now done posting here! I hope that you guys liked today's patterns, and will be back with more of them soon. Have a nice weekend!


  1. Cool I'm watching Another right now on the anime network on TV :)

  2. The way this book sounds, it makes me happy it's not in any of our reading lists!
    And the pillow! It's awesome! Love the clouds, love the kitty, love the curls - and the idea of a terrified room mate XD

  3. can i please make a request?

  4. Oooh yay you're doing a couple of sprites from Another! I hope that the other sprite gets pulled out of the jar soon :)

  5. I'm really enjoying your jar draws! and hey! two characters out of three, I knew! :D