Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sprite Patterns of Two Guys With Crazy Anime Hair and One Who May Have Actually Had His Hair Done On Earth

Hello! I thought that it had been a really long time since I last posted here, but when I actually looked at the blog, it turned out that it had actually been less than a week. I think that having gotten to school makes it seem like it's been longer than it really has been, even though I haven't actually taken any classes yet, but it doesn't really matter, because I'm posting here today anyway!

This post isn't going to be too out of the ordinary, since I'm just going to be posting sprite patterns. I've made a couple more of them, but haven't actually added anything else to the jar, so no new requests have been fulfilled. If you are one of the people that requested anything from a magical girl anime, though, I want to make some cross stitch patterns with bright colors and frills, so your requests, which there are a lot of, are most likely to be finished next. For today, though, I'm just hoping to pick one request out of the jar from the three patterns that are about to be posted.
Today's first pattern that I drew from the jar is actually a request, featuring Len, a Vocaloid. Every time that I get pattern requests for Vocaloids or Naruto characters, I tend to make them right away, since they're usually needlessly complicated and turn out looking really nice. I don't think that this pattern was an exception. If you've been reading this blog since I started doing sprite patterns, though, you might have noticed that one of the first set of requests that I did was for a bunch of Vocaloids, making this the second pattern posted of the character. Since they were some of the first sprite patterns I made, however, they were all really weird looking, with pink skin and weird skull faces and too many outlines. I feel like I've gotten better at pattern making since then, so I hope that those of you who wanted this pattern agree with that and enjoy stitching his particularly insane anime boy hair.
The second pattern for today also features some major anime hair, though in this case, it seems more carefully groomed. If any of you out there were waiting on the edge of your seats for the next pattern in my Mark of the Wolves set, because I know that my tiny patterns of characters from 2D fighting games attract such attention, here is the next entry in the set, featuring the secret final boss that I always have trouble getting to, Kain R. Heinlein. I feel like, with a soap opera/bad guy in a WWII movie name like that, along with the bright red eyes, the characters are really missing something when they don't realize right away that he's up to no good. Since the last major bad guy that they dealt with was named Geese, however, maybe the characters in Fatal Fury games just have a different perspective on names than most people would.
Today's final pattern is also a request, from the often asked for cast of Neon Genesis Evangelion. If you stitch Shinji and his boring normal haircut, as shown above, you can have a great time putting him with all of your other cross stitched sprites and watching him wonder what his place in the world is and how such a worthless boy as himself came to be part of such a collection of needlework fan art. Oddly enough, if you make him out of perler beads, he will exude sunny self-confidence. Evangelion was never my favorite anime, but it was fun to make patterns of the characters from it. There are a couple of them way fancier than this one coming up, so I hope that those of you who wanted these patterns like them.

I am done posting for now, but still have piles of patterns to get through, so I should be back soon! Until then, good luck with all of your craft stuff and have a nice week!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Pacific Rim Cross Stitch Is Done, and So Are Twenty More Sprites

Hello! On Sunday, I posted about how unsuccessful I was in actually finishing my Pacific Rim cross stitch during International Hermit and Stitch Weekend, but today, I have completed the project! Actually, I finished it last night, but since I was also almost finished with a sheet of cross stitch standees, I decided to just wait until I had both projects done to post about them. Now that I have managed that, I am doing this massive show-off post!
Since I was very excited to have this monstrosity over and done with, I present to you a lovely photo of my cross stitched version of the Pacific Rim pattern that I posted last month. This design, featuring the logo of the Pan Pacific Defense Corps, was stitched with nearly two skeins of variegated Artiste thread (which sounds fancy, but is really just Hobby Lobby's store brand) onto some 14 count perforated plastic canvas. Now that I'm done with this, I have a matching monochrome pattern to stitch, too, of one of the kaiju, but, although I like how this turned out, I'm going to wait a while to do that. This got sort of boring, so I'm not very excited about replicating the experience. Eventually, however, I will stitch that, too.
After I was done with that, I spent this morning finishing off another sheet of perforated plastic canvas, this time featuring 20 stitched examples of the sprite patterns that I'm constantly posting here! I've been working on this for quite a while, so some of these stitches aren't new at all, but I'm glad that they're ready to cut out.

The first row, from left to right, features Kuma from Tekken, (stitched in DMC Color Effects, just as DMC intended when they manufactured such nice floss) Hiei and Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho (who I accidentally used some glow-in-the dark floss on), Stella from Dragon Quest IX, and Rin from Fate/Stay Night, an anime which I have never seen, though I really liked how the pattern came out and wanted to stitch her anyway. The second row starts with SNK's Athena, stitched here in the outfit from her horrible '80s arcade game and Neo Geo Battle Coliseum. After that, however, I was having trouble deciding who to stitch next, so I just picked a color of satin floss from my box and decided to do five sprites featuring that color, in order to stitch some sprites that I might not make otherwise. Because of that, I don't know all of the characters that I made that well, but in real life, all of them look much brighter and nicer than they do in this image! After Athena, the second row features one of the guys from Princess Princess, though I'm not sure which one, Roxanne from Pokemon, Mio from Nichijou (I think, at least), and Hikaru from Magic Knight Rayearth. The third row starts with the last sprite using that floss, who happens to be Lilly Kane from Fatal Fury, or, if you want to actually play as her, King of Fighters 2006. After that, I was reasonably sick of satin floss, so I followed those up with Newt and Herman, the scientists from Pacific Rim, Isabelle from Animal Crossing, and Wii Fit Trainer. For the last row, I decided to do the satin floss again, this time in orange! The victims this time are Bowie Grant and Sean Phillips from Robotech, both of whom look extremely '80s, at least in my opinion, the fancy dress version of Katniss from The Hunger Games, Chell from Portal (who the shiny floss worked very well on), and Marin from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.

I realize that I just typed a massive wall of text for a very small amount of information, but, from the photo and the description, I have given away a few of the non-requested patterns that are floating around in my sprite patterns that need to be posted jar. Most of the ones I stitched have already been posted by now, though, so there shouldn't be anything too surprising there.

I am finished with this post now, as I'm a little tired of typing. In the next few days, though, I'm hoping to post some new sprite patterns. Until then, have a nice week and good luck with your own craft stuff!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Animal Crossing, Pangya, and Pokemon!

Hello, everyone! When I posted my International Hermit and Stitch Weekend thing last night, I promised a post today, because I was all excited about having added a bunch of new cross stitch sprite patterns to my jar. I am a little less excited about it now, but still glad to be posting! There's no guarantee that I will post one of the new patterns, since I haven't drawn tonight's sprites yet, but I'm hoping to get at least one request from the jar. It's time to see what tonight holds, though.

The first pattern that I chose for tonight, which is definitely not a request, is of Max, one of the playable characters in Pangya, my favorite golf-themed MMORPG. He's not a character that I play as too much, though his stats make it easy for me to play well when I'm half asleep, so he's not in a very fancy outfit. This biker sort of outfit is what he usually wears, though, so I think he's recognizable. If you're a fan of Max, because I've run into several of them in the game, I hope that you like this pattern and have enough grays to stitch it successfully!
Tonight's second pattern is a Pokemon character, though she is not the best known member of the cast. A few months ago, I got on a pattern making spree that coincided with an I-want-to-make-a-bunch-of-Team-Rocket standees spree, which, considering the theme of this blog, is not totally inconvenient. Because of that, however, I ended up with patterns of characters like Domino, from the stunning film Mewtwo Returns. (I wish that I had something nicer to say about that, since a lot of people seem to like it, but really, that's the movie where there's a scene at the start in which Ash and another character discuss the flavor of water. It was not my style.) Despite Domino's origins, however, I was really pleased with this pattern. Her hair worked nicely and I think that I got her uniform to look cool, so I hope that some of you agree.
My final pattern for tonight is not one that was requested, but, neverthless, I'm very happy that I chose her! This sprite pattern cross stitch chart is of Isabelle, who is your secretary in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I wasn't sure if I could make a pattern of a dog character, but I've been playing Animal Crossing so much lately that I at least wanted to try. Luckily, I think that it worked! I've stitched this pattern already, so I can vouch for the fact that it stitches up decently. I think that the giant head and eye spacing keeps her looking properly Animal Crossing-like, too! Anyway, the preparations have been made, so please enjoy this cross stitch chart! (Also, if there are any Animal Crossing characters that you guys would like to see, let me know! This pattern was really fun, so it would be cool to turn it into a set.)
I didn't end up choosing any requested stuff from my jar tonight, and none of it is from my new set, either, but I'm not disappointed in what I did end up picking! If any of you guys want to cross stitch these, or bead them or anything, I hope that it goes well for you.

I should be posting again very soon, since I'm almost done with my Pacific Rim project, so, until then, good luck with your own projects!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

IHSW August- I Did Not Finish My Project.

Hello! During this International Hermit and Stitch Weekend, which was graciously hosted by Joysze, at Random Ramblings, I wanted very much to finish my Pacific Rim cross stitch. When I made and posted the pattern, which is of the emblem for the Pan Pacific Defense Corps, I was all like, "Wow! This pattern isn't that big, and it's monochrome, too! I'll have it done in no time!" The two problems with that thought, however, are that 85 by 100 stitches is actually quite big and that stitching monochrome things is sometimes boring and horrible. Since I'm using variegated thread, it's not as bad as it could be, but as I was watching my Sunday night television bloodbath, I wished that I had never designed the pattern in the first place. I got through all of Breaking Bad working on it and then ate a brownie, got out a sandwich press, and played a little bit of Animal Crossing during The Newsroom. After that, I thought I was ready to be very enthusiastic about working on the project during True Blood. Instead, I sort of worked on it for the first half of the show and then, during the second half, put my stitching down and stared at the TV. Since I worked on it quite a bit this weekend, though, I am pretty close to being finished with the project! Here is what I have finished so far. Hopefully, I can get the rest of it done soon.

Now that I have that over with, I have a couple of pictures of stuff that I actually did get done to show off, even if I did make it a couple of weeks ago. In the Holiday 2013 issue of Cross Stitcher, there was a cool pattern for a cross stitched camera necklace made with perforated plastic canvas, and my sister wanted one. Since it looked like it would only take a few hours to make, I agreed to this. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to make the actual necklace part of it very well, though, I sacrificed one of my standees to be in order to test my necklace making skills. Because of that, I now have a necklace with a stitched version of my sprite pattern of Dana Sterling from Robotech being used as a charm. It's a little too long, and is a bit of an insane accessory to have, but I like it pretty well.
Once I'd assured myself that I wasn't going to ruin a camera necklace if I made it, I sat down and stitched it. I had to take issue with the fact that Cross Stitcher said that one camera would take three hours to stitch when, in fact, it took an entire day. I think that I might be an incredibly slow cross stitcher, though, so that was okay. Plus, the camera ended up looking really cute! Here is how that project turned out.
I am kind of sick of blogging right now, but I will be back with a new post tomorrow! I spent this afternoon making new sprite patterns, so I added 12 new characters to my random selection jar, including a lot of recent requests. Until I make that fateful post, I hope that all of you guys have a lovely day or so!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Giant Battle B-Daman Cross Stitch Pattern

Hello! I made a giant cross stitch pattern of Yamato Delgado, the super-enthusiastic main character from Battle B-Daman, an anime about kids shooting marbles out of tiny toys that look like giant robots, and though I am very proud of this, I had no idea when or if I should post it. I am definitely going to make it for myself, but am not sure who else would want such a thing. This morning, though, I got up and was watching Justice League with my mom when the CW's weird Saturday morning block showed an ad that, starting this morning, they were showing a new B-Daman anime. This was a complete surprise to me, and though this show wasn't as loopy or awesome as the last B-Daman they showed in America was, it having been on was as good an excuse as any to post Yamato!

Because this is sort of a ridiculous pattern, I've split it into two image files so that it can be easily readable. The first page has the pattern itself and a helpful label, just in case you get amnesia and forget what exactly it is that you're cross stitching, and the second is the key, with DMC floss colors and pattern preview. There are no backstitches, so if you wanted to do so, I guess that you could make it in perler beads, but that seems like it could be a bit intense. No matter what craft you choose to use Yamato for, however, I hope that if any of you care, you like this pattern!

That's the only thing that I have for today, but tomorrow, after the Sunday night TV bloodbath, I should have some pictures for the end of International Hermit and Stitch Weekend. I'm hoping to finish my Pacific Rim project, but, more realistically, imagine that I'll get distracted, play a lot of Animal Crossing, and not get much stitching done at all. Until I post whatever I have done, however, I hope that you guys are having nice weekends and doing well with your own crafts!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Breaking Bad Sampler Stitched With Historical Accuracy

Hello! I'm not posting any new patterns tonight, but I do have a lovely sampler that I just finished stitching to show off in this post! In order to design the pattern for this sampler, I looked at several photographs of antique pieces of needlework, mostly from the 19th century, and found a historically accurate stitched alphabet chart to use in McCall's Big Book of Cross Stitch. The border has a couple of inaccuracies in it on the left side, as many real samplers had such imperfections, and though the rows featuring abstract motifs rather than text are not taken from historical samplers, I think it looks like they could be. Most importantly, I also consulted extensively with my sister and mother about the proper spelling of "beeyotch," with which they were very helpful.

Anyway, my sister has been watching Breaking Bad for a while now, and now that the last season of it is all over the news, my brothers and I have been watching it, too. I don't think that I have to add in a big spoiler space to talk about the first season of a show that's been on for years (though I am going to be kind of explanatory about the whole thing because I feel like this is the sort of project that needs some setup before), so in the second or third episode, Walter White, the main character, gets a fake sales call from Jesse Pinkman, his meth making partner, which makes his wife, Skylar, suspicious. She calls back to see who the call is actually from, because she's not an idiot, and gets Jesse's really ridiculous answering machine message. This sampler features his answering machine message, which I found (and compared) several transcripts of online.
This took two days to stitch, since it wasn't a very intense project, and was cross stitched on 14-count perforated plastic canvas. Since this is going to decorate my sister's dorm room, I had her help me find a thread color that would match the meth which Walter and Jesse cook. Her first match for Blue Sky hardly showed up on the plastic, so if I'd stuck with that, I'd only be half done with the project, would hate it, and would have really sore eyeballs right now. Her second choice, however, ended up working very nicely, and I hope that it does properly represent the ABQ.

Now that I have that posted, my next cross stitching goal is to finish the Pacific Rim project that I'm stitching for my own dorm room, because there's nothing a grad student needs more than decor that has a nice giant robot theme. Since Joysze, of Random Ramblings, is hosting International Hermit and Stitch Weekend, I'll have a picture of it at the end of the weekend whether I'm done with it or not! I'm also planning on posting some sort of cross stitch pattern stuff before then, so hopefully, that will go well, too. Until then, have a nice Friday and a good weekend!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Three Sprite Patterns of Cartoon Girls With Varying Senses of Style

Hello! I'm kind of sleepy tonight, so I probably shouldn't be doing this, but I wanted to post to my blog! Tonight's post isn't going to be anything that special, since I'm just going to be pulling three sprite patterns out of my jar. I haven't even put the new patterns I've been working on into the drawings yet, though I did, as was threatened, make a pattern of Amy Rose, from Sonic the Hedgehog. It turned out to be very cute, so, despite the fact that I'm not sure any of you are looking forward to seeing it, I am looking forward to posting it. That day is still in the future, though, so for now, here are some patterns that I've actually gotten charted and formatted!

Tonight's first pattern is of Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo, who I have already posted a sprite pattern of once before. When I've been working on the patterns in my Tenchi Muyo set, however, everyone has so many different outfits from all of the different versions of the show that I've been making two patterns of each character. I like this one as well as the Ryoko sprite that I posted in December, since there's not really one of them that I prefer over the other. This one has a much less pastel color scheme, though, so if you like the red and orange here better than the light green and pink that the other sprite is wearing, I guess that I'd recommend stitching this one.
This second pattern that I have just chosen is a part of the Danny Phantom set that more than one of you guys enthusiastically requested. Her name is Jazz, and I have very little idea who she is. All of the screenshots from the cartoon made her look like a snooty prep school version of Vicki from The Fairly Oddparents, though, so I have it in my head that she is an unpleasant and noisy person who enjoys yachting with college boys and bragging about the fact that she reads 19th century Russian literature. I realize that within a show about a boy who can turn into a ghost to battle other ghosts on Nickelodeon, a character like that would make very little sense, so I do not think that I am right about this one. None of that should matter when it comes to the pattern, though, so I hope that you guys like it!
Tonight's final pattern is another one of Cardcaptor Sakura, because I may have overdone that set a little, but I do think that it's a very cute one. She has a dress that's all frilly and pink, and impractical angel wings tied to her head that look like pigtails, so if that's the sort of thing that you think that you might want to use in your crafting endeavors, here is a cross stitch pattern for you!
Now that I have three sprite patterns posted, I am finished blogging for tonight. I still have the giant portrait pattern of the lead character from an obscure anime that I was talking about yesterday to post, and I'm working on a new big cross stitch chart of one of the new Pokemon, too. Plus, as always, I have dozens and dozens of sprite patterns to post, even though I'm not going to make any new ones tonight. With all of that stuff sitting on my desktop, though, I'll be posting here again very soon. Have a nice evening!

Monday, August 12, 2013

A New Pokemon Pattern, With Pink Bows and Ribbons!

Hello! As some of you who have visited this blog in the past may have noticed, I like to cross stitch Pokemon stuff, something that was made very doable by the sprite-based graphics in Pokemon games. Now that Pokemon X and Y are coming out for the 3DS, however, the games are going to have 3D graphics, which means that, while it won't be impossible, stitching graphics directly from the games will be much more difficult. As always, however, Nintendo is still regularly releasing really nice production art of upcoming Pokemon and human characters before the games are actually out, so it is still possible to do all sorts of cross stitched and perler beaded fan art, even if it does take longer to make the patterns.

Anyway, earlier today, I got a request on an older post for a pattern of Sylveon, the new Eevee evolution that fits the newly announced fairy type of Pokemon. Hopefully, this will lead to the trading card game getting some bubblegum pink energy cards, because that would be exactly what the world needs. I had a different big pattern to post today, of a character that absolutely no one other than myself had requested from an anime that I would say is pretty obscure. A fluffy pink Pokemon with ribbons and bows that people actually want to cross stitch seems like a better thing to post than the hero of one of my favorite toy commercial anime, though, so I've spent the last few hours preparing this cross stitch pattern of Sylveon!

Sylveon's pattern is pretty large for this blog, at 89 stitches tall, but it should be detailed enough that it isn't boring to stitch. My only problem with making it would be that so many of the stitches are white, which would get tedious and frustrating on white or even ivory Aida cloth, but luckily, the color scheme is pastel enough that this should look nice on a lot of the colors of Aida that they have at stores like Jo-Ann's. If you intend to use this for a non-stitching project, I'm sure that you don't care about any of that. No matter what craft you intend to use this chart for, though, here is Sylveon.
Since that seems like enough of a pattern to post, I'm done blogging for today! I have more big patterns to post here, though, and tons of sprite patterns, too, including some of the trainers you can play as in Pokemon X and Y. I should be back here with some sort of new cross stitch pattern to show off within the next couple of days. Until then, have a nice week!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Two of Tonight's Sprite Patterns Are of Magical Children With Very Different Ways of Handling Stress

Hello! I've just been reading other people's blogs (including Gatchacaz's, which has a nifty new Sonic the Hedgehog chart that I'm going to print out once I actually get the printer out), and it seemed like it would either be a good idea to do a blog post here or make a tiny cross stitch pattern of Amy Rose, who is my favorite character from Sonic, despite the fact that she seems wildly reviled. Though the truth is that I will probably do both of these things, it seemed like the better idea was to post some more sprite patterns, because I'm sure that no one is sick of those at all. I still haven't added my new ones to my jar, which I will be doing that this weekend, though it doesn't seem like that's so bad, considering that I have over 70 sprite patterns left to post.

The first cross stitch pattern that I picked from my mason jar of sprite pattern choosing is of Carl Clover from Blazblue. I think that Carl is sort of a creepy character, considering his puppet sister and disturbing rage, and I am also terrible at playing as him. However, I also think that this pattern ended up looking really cool and was pleased to have not screwed up his weird top hat with the metal plate attached to it. If any of you are curious about it, I've also done a version of this pattern with Aida next to him that's extremely oversized, took forever to design, and ended up being very cool, but for now, here is the normal sprite pattern of Carl that matches up with the other Blazblue charts.
My second pattern for tonight is of Sakura, from Cardcaptor Sakura, in a frilly coral colored dress. I am very glad that I drew this out of the jar because I was getting concerned that some night, I would only pick patterns of Sakura from the jar, making for a very dull post. By choosing this pattern now, however, I have lowered the likelihood of that occurring.
Tonight's final sprite pattern is another entry in my Blazblue set, this time featuring Litchi Faye Ling, the character that I usually play as. I still get decimated pretty quickly playing as her, since I am not very good at Blazblue, but it is a slower death than the one I face if I choose Carl. I wanted to make this pattern a couple of years ago, but I wasn't very good at making sprite patterns yet and the details on her dress seemed impossible to get right. Now, it went a lot better, though this still took me more time than almost any of the other Blazblue patterns have so far. Her ponytail is a little excessive, but the pattern as a whole isn't too oversized, and I look forward to stitching it at some point.
Now that I have three patterns posted, I am done for tonight, though, as always, there is more to come. I'm hoping that next time I draw some stuff that was actually requested, but I don't think that the choices for tonight were that bad. Anyway, I'm going to try to do one new sprite pattern before I go to bed, so I hope that you guys have nice weekends and do well with your crafts!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I'm Too Lazy to Think of a Link Between These Patterns

Hello! I realize that I just posted here last night, but it seems like it would be interesting to throw another set of sprite patterns at you guys! I'm sort of excited about the fact that, once I have this set posted, I'll have less than 80 patterns sitting in my jar. This should probably be discounted by the fact that I have a bunch of new patterns to add to the jar and destroy that peace of mind, but I don't really care. Either way, here are tonight's patterns!

I need to double check what the first pattern that I drew from my jar is from, but I am pretty sure that Mitsukake is from Fushigi Yugi. (I have checked, and he is.) If you are following this set of patterns, I hope that you enjoy yet another cross stitch chart of a boy with very elaborate hair and clothing. Actually, the hair isn't too intense in this pattern, but the clothes are. For the whole set, though, the fanciness of the clothes should stop the characters from getting boring to stitch, which is nice. Plus, I like how bright the colors are in this pattern.
The second pattern that I drew for tonight is of Misty from Pokemon, who in this incredibly specific pattern is wearing her gym leader outfit from Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green. I like this pattern and will probably make it, but for some reason, I am bothered by the bright red sneakers with the swimsuit. I have seen and stitched worse outfits, especially for Pokemon characters, but this is inexplicably irritating to me.
The final pattern for tonight, August 7th, is not one that was requested at all, but is not by a longshot the most obscure character in my patterns jar. When I post that one, you shall know that I have done so. It instead is a pattern of one of my favorite main characters from a spin off of a DS game about being a lawyer, Miles Edgeworth! I think that this pattern turned out pretty well, and even have some sparkly floss to use on his magenta suit, though that, of course, is optional. I hope that you guys like it, too!
I'm done blogging for tonight, but, as always, I will be back soon with more stuff for you guys. Have a good evening!

Three New and Slightly More Floral Than Normal Sprite Patterns

Hello! I had two photos of stuff I stitched to post, but my computer has no SD card slot and Nintendo Image Share seems to be a huge pain, so I will have those pictures in my next post. For tonight, though, I'm just going to be posting three cross stitch sprite patterns, since that seems like a reasonable thing to do.

The first pattern that I drew is another Doctor Who one, because there is an unreasonable amount of them in my jar. Before I post it, though, are you guys excited about the new Doctor? I sat around with my family on Sunday afternoon watching the international announcement, and when it turned out that the 12th Doctor was going to be Peter Capaldi, just like the rumors had been saying for the past few days, it was quite exciting, which I am saying non-sarcastically. The day that the rumors started, my siblings and I watched In The Loop, which is an awesome movie, again, to prepare for all of the swearing that he probably will not be doing on Doctor Who.

Anyway, this is one of my two patterns of Clara Oswald, with her wearing a modern-day outfit in this one. Before someone comments about it, she never had this hairstyle with this dress, but I thought that the pattern looked best like this, so that's what I made.

The next pattern that I drew is a request from the Fushigi Yugi set, featuring Chichiri. I thought that this pattern was a huge pain to make, but I think that it ended up being nice enough, especially with the floral sash he wears. I don't have much else to say about this pattern, but if you're following the Fushigi Yugi set, I hope you like it!
My last pattern, which I am very happy to have picked from my jar, is of Neo Fio from Chrono Cross! This pattern was really fun to make, since I got to edit the crap out of the Phantasy Star II base that I made, and the bright colors made it fun to stitch, too! Plus, even though I never use Neo Fio in my party, his name is a Neo Geo reference and he has a flower for a head, both of which are things that I consider to be positive.
That's all of the stuff that I have for tonight, but I should be back with more patterns soon! I'm going to add new patterns to the jar within the next couple of days, featuring quite a few requests, and I have some bigger patterns to post, too. Until then, though, have a nice week and good luck with your crafts!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Awesome Sprite Pattern of River Song and Then Two Other Patterns, Too

Hello! I'm a little tired and loopy, and it's the first day of a new month, so it seemed like as good a time as any to make a fancy new post of sprite patterns! As always, I don't yet know what I'll be posting, since I wrote down all of the characters that I made patterns of on tiny slips of paper and put them in a jar, but I'll draw three characters from my jar and then put them here! I don't have my own stitching to show off today, so here are the patterns.

Tonight's first pattern, which I feel exceedingly lucky to have drawn, is of River Song from Doctor Who! Usually, I like the patterns that I'm posting, since otherwise, I wouldn't put them here, but I think that this is one of the best sprite patterns that I've made. I have to warn you guys that, whether you choose to cross stitch her or perler bead her, the hair is a bit intense, meaning that River takes a little longer to stitch than most of my sprite patterns do. I've made this one, though, and it is completely worth it. I think that this is one of the best patterns in my Doctor Who set, and hope that you guys like her, too.
The next character that I drew from my sprite patterns jar is the even more obscure Mario, who I guess is from some sort of video game or something. (Sarcasm doesn't always translate well into internet text, so I feel like I have to say here that I know who Mario is and that he is a popular character.) I don't have too much to say about this pattern, since there's nothing too special about it and it's easy to stitch, but I do have to say that there is a super-secret pattern which will be posted here eventually that goes with Mario very well and that I'm sure no one can guess at in the slightest.
My third and final pattern for tonight, because I need more fighting game patterns, is another pattern in my Blazblue set, this time featuring the fancy vampire girl Rachel Alucard. I haven't stitched this one yet, since, after making this pattern, I played enough of Blazblue's story mode that I don't really want to stitch her at all, but the frilly dress and giant pigtails should make her an impressive project. Once I get over what a horrible character she is, I will probably make her, but for now, she is sitting dormant in my binder.
I think that post went pretty well, so I am done for tonight! I've been making new sprites, though, so I'll have new things to add to the jar very soon. There are still 84 patterns in there, so adding more stuff is probably not my best idea ever, but either way, I have plenty of stuff to post and will be back here soon. Until then, have a nice evening and good luck with your own craft stuff!