Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Breaking Bad Sampler Stitched With Historical Accuracy

Hello! I'm not posting any new patterns tonight, but I do have a lovely sampler that I just finished stitching to show off in this post! In order to design the pattern for this sampler, I looked at several photographs of antique pieces of needlework, mostly from the 19th century, and found a historically accurate stitched alphabet chart to use in McCall's Big Book of Cross Stitch. The border has a couple of inaccuracies in it on the left side, as many real samplers had such imperfections, and though the rows featuring abstract motifs rather than text are not taken from historical samplers, I think it looks like they could be. Most importantly, I also consulted extensively with my sister and mother about the proper spelling of "beeyotch," with which they were very helpful.

Anyway, my sister has been watching Breaking Bad for a while now, and now that the last season of it is all over the news, my brothers and I have been watching it, too. I don't think that I have to add in a big spoiler space to talk about the first season of a show that's been on for years (though I am going to be kind of explanatory about the whole thing because I feel like this is the sort of project that needs some setup before), so in the second or third episode, Walter White, the main character, gets a fake sales call from Jesse Pinkman, his meth making partner, which makes his wife, Skylar, suspicious. She calls back to see who the call is actually from, because she's not an idiot, and gets Jesse's really ridiculous answering machine message. This sampler features his answering machine message, which I found (and compared) several transcripts of online.
This took two days to stitch, since it wasn't a very intense project, and was cross stitched on 14-count perforated plastic canvas. Since this is going to decorate my sister's dorm room, I had her help me find a thread color that would match the meth which Walter and Jesse cook. Her first match for Blue Sky hardly showed up on the plastic, so if I'd stuck with that, I'd only be half done with the project, would hate it, and would have really sore eyeballs right now. Her second choice, however, ended up working very nicely, and I hope that it does properly represent the ABQ.

Now that I have that posted, my next cross stitching goal is to finish the Pacific Rim project that I'm stitching for my own dorm room, because there's nothing a grad student needs more than decor that has a nice giant robot theme. Since Joysze, of Random Ramblings, is hosting International Hermit and Stitch Weekend, I'll have a picture of it at the end of the weekend whether I'm done with it or not! I'm also planning on posting some sort of cross stitch pattern stuff before then, so hopefully, that will go well, too. Until then, have a nice Friday and a good weekend!


  1. That's hilarious, great finish :)

  2. I must be one of the persons on this Earth who hasn't watched this show, but this finish looks neat! As I say, if someone's stitching it, it must be worth watching , lol :D

  3. Hahaha I love this! My other half would love it too, he is watching the final series whereas I am towards the end of the second. Any chance you will be uploading the pattern on this?