Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Giant Battle B-Daman Cross Stitch Pattern

Hello! I made a giant cross stitch pattern of Yamato Delgado, the super-enthusiastic main character from Battle B-Daman, an anime about kids shooting marbles out of tiny toys that look like giant robots, and though I am very proud of this, I had no idea when or if I should post it. I am definitely going to make it for myself, but am not sure who else would want such a thing. This morning, though, I got up and was watching Justice League with my mom when the CW's weird Saturday morning block showed an ad that, starting this morning, they were showing a new B-Daman anime. This was a complete surprise to me, and though this show wasn't as loopy or awesome as the last B-Daman they showed in America was, it having been on was as good an excuse as any to post Yamato!

Because this is sort of a ridiculous pattern, I've split it into two image files so that it can be easily readable. The first page has the pattern itself and a helpful label, just in case you get amnesia and forget what exactly it is that you're cross stitching, and the second is the key, with DMC floss colors and pattern preview. There are no backstitches, so if you wanted to do so, I guess that you could make it in perler beads, but that seems like it could be a bit intense. No matter what craft you choose to use Yamato for, however, I hope that if any of you care, you like this pattern!

That's the only thing that I have for today, but tomorrow, after the Sunday night TV bloodbath, I should have some pictures for the end of International Hermit and Stitch Weekend. I'm hoping to finish my Pacific Rim project, but, more realistically, imagine that I'll get distracted, play a lot of Animal Crossing, and not get much stitching done at all. Until I post whatever I have done, however, I hope that you guys are having nice weekends and doing well with your own crafts!

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