Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I'm Too Lazy to Think of a Link Between These Patterns

Hello! I realize that I just posted here last night, but it seems like it would be interesting to throw another set of sprite patterns at you guys! I'm sort of excited about the fact that, once I have this set posted, I'll have less than 80 patterns sitting in my jar. This should probably be discounted by the fact that I have a bunch of new patterns to add to the jar and destroy that peace of mind, but I don't really care. Either way, here are tonight's patterns!

I need to double check what the first pattern that I drew from my jar is from, but I am pretty sure that Mitsukake is from Fushigi Yugi. (I have checked, and he is.) If you are following this set of patterns, I hope that you enjoy yet another cross stitch chart of a boy with very elaborate hair and clothing. Actually, the hair isn't too intense in this pattern, but the clothes are. For the whole set, though, the fanciness of the clothes should stop the characters from getting boring to stitch, which is nice. Plus, I like how bright the colors are in this pattern.
The second pattern that I drew for tonight is of Misty from Pokemon, who in this incredibly specific pattern is wearing her gym leader outfit from Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green. I like this pattern and will probably make it, but for some reason, I am bothered by the bright red sneakers with the swimsuit. I have seen and stitched worse outfits, especially for Pokemon characters, but this is inexplicably irritating to me.
The final pattern for tonight, August 7th, is not one that was requested at all, but is not by a longshot the most obscure character in my patterns jar. When I post that one, you shall know that I have done so. It instead is a pattern of one of my favorite main characters from a spin off of a DS game about being a lawyer, Miles Edgeworth! I think that this pattern turned out pretty well, and even have some sparkly floss to use on his magenta suit, though that, of course, is optional. I hope that you guys like it, too!
I'm done blogging for tonight, but, as always, I will be back soon with more stuff for you guys. Have a good evening!

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