Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sprite Patterns of Two Guys With Crazy Anime Hair and One Who May Have Actually Had His Hair Done On Earth

Hello! I thought that it had been a really long time since I last posted here, but when I actually looked at the blog, it turned out that it had actually been less than a week. I think that having gotten to school makes it seem like it's been longer than it really has been, even though I haven't actually taken any classes yet, but it doesn't really matter, because I'm posting here today anyway!

This post isn't going to be too out of the ordinary, since I'm just going to be posting sprite patterns. I've made a couple more of them, but haven't actually added anything else to the jar, so no new requests have been fulfilled. If you are one of the people that requested anything from a magical girl anime, though, I want to make some cross stitch patterns with bright colors and frills, so your requests, which there are a lot of, are most likely to be finished next. For today, though, I'm just hoping to pick one request out of the jar from the three patterns that are about to be posted.
Today's first pattern that I drew from the jar is actually a request, featuring Len, a Vocaloid. Every time that I get pattern requests for Vocaloids or Naruto characters, I tend to make them right away, since they're usually needlessly complicated and turn out looking really nice. I don't think that this pattern was an exception. If you've been reading this blog since I started doing sprite patterns, though, you might have noticed that one of the first set of requests that I did was for a bunch of Vocaloids, making this the second pattern posted of the character. Since they were some of the first sprite patterns I made, however, they were all really weird looking, with pink skin and weird skull faces and too many outlines. I feel like I've gotten better at pattern making since then, so I hope that those of you who wanted this pattern agree with that and enjoy stitching his particularly insane anime boy hair.
The second pattern for today also features some major anime hair, though in this case, it seems more carefully groomed. If any of you out there were waiting on the edge of your seats for the next pattern in my Mark of the Wolves set, because I know that my tiny patterns of characters from 2D fighting games attract such attention, here is the next entry in the set, featuring the secret final boss that I always have trouble getting to, Kain R. Heinlein. I feel like, with a soap opera/bad guy in a WWII movie name like that, along with the bright red eyes, the characters are really missing something when they don't realize right away that he's up to no good. Since the last major bad guy that they dealt with was named Geese, however, maybe the characters in Fatal Fury games just have a different perspective on names than most people would.
Today's final pattern is also a request, from the often asked for cast of Neon Genesis Evangelion. If you stitch Shinji and his boring normal haircut, as shown above, you can have a great time putting him with all of your other cross stitched sprites and watching him wonder what his place in the world is and how such a worthless boy as himself came to be part of such a collection of needlework fan art. Oddly enough, if you make him out of perler beads, he will exude sunny self-confidence. Evangelion was never my favorite anime, but it was fun to make patterns of the characters from it. There are a couple of them way fancier than this one coming up, so I hope that those of you who wanted these patterns like them.

I am done posting for now, but still have piles of patterns to get through, so I should be back soon! Until then, good luck with all of your craft stuff and have a nice week!

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