Saturday, August 10, 2013

Two of Tonight's Sprite Patterns Are of Magical Children With Very Different Ways of Handling Stress

Hello! I've just been reading other people's blogs (including Gatchacaz's, which has a nifty new Sonic the Hedgehog chart that I'm going to print out once I actually get the printer out), and it seemed like it would either be a good idea to do a blog post here or make a tiny cross stitch pattern of Amy Rose, who is my favorite character from Sonic, despite the fact that she seems wildly reviled. Though the truth is that I will probably do both of these things, it seemed like the better idea was to post some more sprite patterns, because I'm sure that no one is sick of those at all. I still haven't added my new ones to my jar, which I will be doing that this weekend, though it doesn't seem like that's so bad, considering that I have over 70 sprite patterns left to post.

The first cross stitch pattern that I picked from my mason jar of sprite pattern choosing is of Carl Clover from Blazblue. I think that Carl is sort of a creepy character, considering his puppet sister and disturbing rage, and I am also terrible at playing as him. However, I also think that this pattern ended up looking really cool and was pleased to have not screwed up his weird top hat with the metal plate attached to it. If any of you are curious about it, I've also done a version of this pattern with Aida next to him that's extremely oversized, took forever to design, and ended up being very cool, but for now, here is the normal sprite pattern of Carl that matches up with the other Blazblue charts.
My second pattern for tonight is of Sakura, from Cardcaptor Sakura, in a frilly coral colored dress. I am very glad that I drew this out of the jar because I was getting concerned that some night, I would only pick patterns of Sakura from the jar, making for a very dull post. By choosing this pattern now, however, I have lowered the likelihood of that occurring.
Tonight's final sprite pattern is another entry in my Blazblue set, this time featuring Litchi Faye Ling, the character that I usually play as. I still get decimated pretty quickly playing as her, since I am not very good at Blazblue, but it is a slower death than the one I face if I choose Carl. I wanted to make this pattern a couple of years ago, but I wasn't very good at making sprite patterns yet and the details on her dress seemed impossible to get right. Now, it went a lot better, though this still took me more time than almost any of the other Blazblue patterns have so far. Her ponytail is a little excessive, but the pattern as a whole isn't too oversized, and I look forward to stitching it at some point.
Now that I have three patterns posted, I am done for tonight, though, as always, there is more to come. I'm hoping that next time I draw some stuff that was actually requested, but I don't think that the choices for tonight were that bad. Anyway, I'm going to try to do one new sprite pattern before I go to bed, so I hope that you guys have nice weekends and do well with your crafts!

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  1. Wow, you have been really productive lately! So many posts! and such intricate patterns. No idea how you do it :D