Sunday, September 1, 2013

Another Post of Sprite Patterns, and Not a Very Girly One at That

Hello! This week, as I am posting, I have done enough in my new grad school classes to think that I will be successful in them. There is a lot of homework, but I'm good enough at reading and writing that I am not worried about getting stuff done or doing a bad job on it. Even though I think that I'm going to do well, however, that does not make sitting and reading for hours on end about how French scholars of the late 1960s applied the ideals of existentialist philosophers to literary critique any easier. Because of that, and also partially because it's a holiday weekend and The Newsroom isn't on right now, it is time to post some sprite patterns! I haven't drawn any of them from my jar yet, so I don't know what I'll be posting, but whatever the patterns end up being, I hope you guys like them!

Tonight's first pattern, which is actually much less weird than it could have been, is of the male playable trainer from the upcoming Pokemon X/Y. I realize that the game isn't out yet, but since I've made a lot of the other Pokemon trainers, I didn't think it would hurt too much to make cross stitch patterns of the X/Y ones ahead of time. I think that I did this with the Black/White 2 trainers, too, so it's not even that odd, at least for this blog. If you're looking for a pattern of the female trainer, she's still in the jar, so she should be posted eventually! Until then, enjoy this fairly simple pattern.

After the last pattern that I drew wasn't complicated at all, it seems well balanced that I followed that by drawing Iron Tager, the giant red monster guy with metal arm things from Blazblue. Most of the character designs in Blazblue are ridiculous, even for a fighting game, so this set of sprite patterns has not been very easy to work on. Out of all of the ones I've done so far, though, Iron Tager has been most difficult by a longshot. The weird arms and monster hands actually weren't the worst part of making the pattern, compared to the fact that the character required way too many shades of red, orange and gray. I haven't made this yet, and probably won't until I actually sit down to do the Blazblue sprite patterns all in a row, but, unlike my usual advice, I would strongly recommend using the listed floss colors with this pattern. Usually, it doesn't really matter, but in this case, there are so many colors so close to each other that I think it might be helpful to actually pay attention.

Today's final pattern is of a character that I have such a deep connection to that, until I looked him up in my patterns to post folder, but if you are one of the surprising amount of people following the Danny Phantom set of sprite patterns, here, for you, is Tucker. I don't have much to say about this pattern, other than that I think his boots came out really well, but I think that this might be the next to last of the Danny Phantom patterns. I might have posted her already, but I think that I still have the girl in the tank top and green plaid skirt to post, so you guys have that to look forward to at some point.

With those patterns posted, I am done here for tonight, but I should be back with more patterns, both sprite and otherwise, soon! As far as the sprite patterns go, it seems unlikely that I should have drawn six patterns of guys from the jar in a row, so I expect that coming up soon, there shall be a post of disproportionately girly patterns to compensate for this. I am okay with that, though, so I look forward to posting here again. Until then, have a nice next week and good luck with whatever crafty stuff you're doing!


  1. Awesome patterns once again! Good luck with your new classes :-)

  2. Tucker's boots came out very well, indeed! I like the other two patterns, as well - nice work on the robot guy, particularly. He couldn't have been easy XD