Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Another Simple Pattern of a Weird Mascot Character

Hello! Today, my internet is not working very well, and I don't have any homework at the moment, either, so it seems like a good time to do a blog post! If I can stay connected for long enough to make the post go through, I will have been victorious, and if not, I will have this waiting in my drafts to be posted after class tonight. Either way, it will work out in the end. The only problem today is that, because I have to upload my images for patterns, I want to stick to just one cross stitch chart, which means that today, I am posting a big pattern instead of some sprite patterns. I have a few different ones to choose from, but, after my last cute-mascot-character-that-I-actually-have-no-concept-of pattern was posted this summer, I left a couple more of them in my finished patterns folder. Because those have been waiting the longest to be posted, for today, I have an easy to stitch pattern of Sabo Kappa, a San-X character who was picked for pattern making on a day when I was marveling that San-X and Sanrio were actually two different things. Sabo Kappa looked happy and had a flower on its head, so that was enough reason to make the pattern for me.
When I designed this pattern, I was hoping to use it for a plastic canvas project, so the colors are very simple and correspond to the yarn that I have to stitch with. Because of this, they're not as bright as the ones that get printed on this character's stationery and toys, but if you ignore the provided floss color key, there's not enough detail in this pattern that it should be challenging to find the appropriate colors. I sort of like this color scheme, though, especially with the brown outline, so I think that I'd use it even if made this project into a normal cross stitch. As always, though, the colors that you use while stitching this are completely up to you, so I hope that, however you decide to stitch or bead this, you end up with a project you like!

So far, things have been going well with this post, so I think that I'm going to stop now before my computer does something weird again. Have a nice day, and good luck with whatever crafty stuff you're doing, too!

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