Monday, September 23, 2013

Breaking Bad Sprite Pattern Countdown: Day 1

Hello! I would like to start of by saying that, if you are totally sick of the subject I am about to start typing about, I have kept you in mind. After the sprite patterns from the series that a good portion of people with TVs and computers are currently obsessed with, I will, for every day that I am doing this, draw one pattern from the jar of still to post sprite patterns. It may not be much, but I hope that it helps to calm your rage.

As you may have guessed from the title of today's post, I have made several Breaking Bad sprite patterns, and, as the series finale is on Sunday, am skipping the sprite patterns jar to post them all week. I have by no means made the full cast, and am not even entirely sure that people who like the show are going to be like, "Ah, man! I was having a good day before, but now that I can finally sit down and cross stitch Bob Odenkirk in a bad suit, I'm sure that the Lord has smiled upon me!" Actually, I am pretty sure that no one is going to think that. I did perler bead the pattern in question, though, so the Breaking Bad patterns have not entirely been made in vain.

Also, although I think that I have covered most of my bases, if there is a character that you feel like you absolutely need a cross stitch pattern of, let me know in the comments!

Anyway, for tonight, I have chosen the patterns that, due to the characters' haircuts, were incredibly easy to make. These two patterns are of Saul Goodman, as some of you may have figured out from the above paragraph, and Jane Margolis, who, due to Kristen Ritter's haircut, was 75% done when I drew a line of black pixels right above her eyes. Though I'm going to have at least one apologetic day towards the end of the week, I'm really happy with both of these patterns! I used the Saul one (and one of another character that none of you should be shocked to see) for perler beads on Saturday, and that worked out okay, and now I want to see how the blue highlight looks in Jane's hair, so I'll probably cross stitch her soon. (My perler beads would be sort of a pain to transport, so I don't have them at school with me.) Regardless of my opinion, though, I hope that you guys like these patterns!

With this week's theme patterns posted, I have drawn a pattern from the jar for those of you who aren't into TV shows about meth! If you're into TV shows about meth and Playstation RPGs, however, this is your lucky night. The random pattern for tonight is of Mojo from Chrono Cross, and I actually really like this pattern. It takes a lot of brown and tan thread to stitch, since he's made of straw, but if you get the right colors, it should work very well.
Today has been quite a day, so I am done posting for tonight. I'll be back tomorrow, though, with a new pair of Breaking Bad patterns and something else from the sprite patterns jar! Have a good night and a nice tomorrow!

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  1. Thanks for the Breaking Bad patterns - more to my "to do" pile!