Saturday, September 28, 2013

Breaking Bad Sprite Pattern Countdown: The Final Two

Hello! Today is the last day of Breaking Bad sprite patterns that I have for you guys, so this mini blog event is coming to an end! I might post some star paper with all of the sprites on it tomorrow, just because I think it'll be kind of funny to have some stars have outer space idol singers on them while others have meth cooks on them, but I haven't decided if I will or not yet.

Anyway, if you are following this pattern set and did not guess that for today, I had patterns of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, I hope that you enjoy this lovely surprise. These were actually the two hardest patterns to make by a lot, even though for Walt, I went with the more distinctive Heisenberg outfit. I had both of these done last Saturday, but wasn't happy with them at all, so I redid them the same day that I made Mike and Gomez. (I know that all of those details are very important to everyone.) After all of that, I think that I did a decent job, especially since Jesse's pattern is the first one I've made where the character has a hoodie with the hood up. I hope that you guys are okay with these, too.

In a stroke of luck that fits this post perfectly, the pattern from the jar for today is of Cardcaptor Sakura, who I'm willing to bet would not be allowed to watch Breaking Bad if her dad and older brother were doing it. I did draw a version of her in a yellow outfit, though, so I think she'd match Jesse quite nicely! If you're looking for something frilly and girly to stitch, I hope you like this!
My allergies are making me really itchy, and I'm kind of sleepy, too, so I am done posting for now. I should be back with more stuff very soon, though. I hope that you liked the Breaking Bad patterns, and wish all of us good series finale watching conditions!

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  1. Oh, more nice patterns, yay! I'm working on that one you sent me, but IHSW put it on hold :D