Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Breaking Bad Sprite Patterns Countdown: Day 3 (A Requested Sprite Follows)

Hello! I originally started this post with a rant about something that is in no way related to this blog, but I decided that was a bad idea. Instead, I am going to post a video from Funny or Die that my mom mentioned in the comments yesterday! If you have not seen the current season of Breaking Bad, you should not watch this. If you have, however, it is a pretty funny video about Hank that I probably should have posted yesterday. I hope that you guys enjoy it, and, as there are spoilers, watch it at your own risk!

Now that I have gotten both my embedding and some basic math to work, it's time for today's patterns! I'm really happy with all four of the patterns that I have for today and tomorrow, so I sort of arbitrarily decided that today I'd be posting Gus and Mike, the second of which is the pattern that kicked off yesterday's "what is wrong with you" conversation. I don't see why a girl shouldn't be able to sit at her kitchen table and make a cross stitch pattern of Jonathan Banks, but that must be some sort of societal issue. Either way, though, it ended up being a pretty good pattern, so that was okay. I like the pattern of Gus, too, but I almost feel like it was too easy! He wears the same outfit so often that it wasn't very different from making a cartoon character. I didn't really want to mess with the pattern too much, though, so it ended up that Gus was the fastest to make of any of the characters in the set. (Two of them were really difficult, but they haven't been posted yet.)

I am having a lot of trouble stringing together a coherent set of words tonight, so I won't be typing much more here. My third pattern for tonight, though, taken from the jar, is the enthusiastically requested Kitty Pryde, from X-Men. The request was specifically for her outfit from X-Men Evolution, which didn't bother me any. I never really watched that, but the color scheme came out well, and her haircut seems to be the same as it is in the comic books. There is a lot of X-Men stuff that I know a lot more about, though, so if there are different characters that you would like to see, let me know! It would be cool to make them.
I am a little relieved that now, I am done with today's post! I have at least one really impressive sprite pattern hairstyle to show off tomorrow, though, so I'm excited about that. Until then, have a nice day, and good luck with your crafts and all of that stuff!

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