Thursday, September 26, 2013

Breaking Bad Sprite Patterns Countdown: Day 4

Hello! Before I get started with today's actual blog content, I wanted to ask if any of you out there that are also using Blogger have been having trouble with your launch page's list of blogs. I've been able to get it to load the blogs I follow about 50 percent of the time lately, but even then, I know stuff is missing. (I see when Skates and Stitches has updates on Facebook, but I get four of five posts from that blog in a chunk in my reader, which leads me to believe that this could be happening with other blogs.) From the floods of posts that I occasionally get, I feel like I see everything eventually, so it's no big deal, but I was curious about if I was alone with this problem.

Anyway, now that that's out of the way, I have today's Breaking Bad patterns to share with you. For today, sort of because I was really happy with these patterns and saved them, I have the sprite patterns for Skyler and Marie! I could go on and on about the internet's irrational hatred of Skyler and how insane I think that is, but since it would not be that different from what I said about Amy Rose earlier this week, I will not. What I will say, though, is that I think her pattern is my favorite in the whole set. Her hair ended up being really cool, and I gave her a purse, and I think that, as much as a tiny little pixel person can, it kind of looks like Anna Gunn. I like the one of Marie, too, with her no-bangs later in the show hair, and think that her outfit is suitably purple, but the one of Skyler ended up being really nice, so that's why I typed more about it. Anyway, here are the patterns!

I also took a pattern out of the sprite patterns random choosing jar! It is of Luigi from the Super Mario games. I can't actually think of much to say about this chart, so I hope you like this one, too! My guess would be that it matches the pattern of Mario pretty well.
I'm done posting for tonight, but none of you are going to believe the delightful and awesome surprise that I have ready to post for tomorrow! Until then, have a nice day or night or whatever!