Monday, September 9, 2013

Some Origami Star Folding Paper, Because I Made These When My Brain Hurt

Hello! A really long time ago, I posted some paper strips for origami stars on this blog. I think that folding them is relaxing, and, once you've made a bunch of them, it's also easy to fold them while you're watching TV without even looking away from the screen. I still make them sometimes, even though I haven't posted about it for quite a while, but last week, I was reading some stuff that was borderline indecipherable for a literary theory class and needed a mind-numbing project to do between finishing essay readings. Because of that, I took some of the sprites that I made as the basis for my sprite patterns and put them onto some printable lucky star strips! I don't know if anyone wants these or not, or if, for people who would want them, I made decent choices for sprites to include. I tried to pick sets that I'd either posted all or most of the corresponding patterns to this blog already, though, and, except for in one case where I didn't care if anyone else wanted the paper stars, tried to pick sets that, in the past, people had liked. If you're reading this and quickly scroll down to see what the four sets of star paper are, feeling crushed that I left out a sprite pattern set that you would gladly print and fold up, please leave a comment and let me know! I wouldn't at all mind doing another post of these in the future.

Before I post them, I would like to say that I made these star strips using a template originally posted by BlackHeartQueen on Deviant Art. She did make a much nicer and spiffier one than what I used, but I don't have photoshop, so I stuck with the basic template. Also, if you would like to know how to actually fold these stars, here is a tutorial on! I know that a lot of people complain about all of the ads on there, but this article has clear instructions and giant pictures, so that's why I picked it. Anyway, here are the sets of star paper, ready for you to print and wad up!
The first of the four papers features the Avengers sprites that I did last summer, because that seemed to be the thing to do. There were only eight sprites in this set, so I had to repeat four of the sprites three times, but since I'm not sure that actually matters, that is all I have to say about that.
This set features the Yu Yu Hakusho sprites, and I did all of the star strips in pastels because it seemed funny to do crafts based on a show about people kicking and punching each other in a lovely pastel palette. Plus, the colors matched the characters really well, so it all worked out.
This set of star paper is the most disjointed of any of them tonight, because I just kind of decided that I should put a bunch of Nintendo characters together and print it. It turned out being more a Smash Bros. thing than anything else, even though you can't use Daisy or Professor Layton in Smash Bros. In fact, I'm not even sure Professor Layton counts as a Nintendo character. Also, I haven't posted Luigi's pattern yet, but if you guys did not guess that was coming when I posted the Mario pattern, I hope you enjoyed this surprise.
The last set of star paper features the characters from the first season of Robotech, or Macross, and it is in bright colors because I wanted it to be. In order to get to 10 sprites for this, so I could repeat everything twice and get it over with, I used two alternate outfit sprites for Minmei and Lisa, the patterns for which are in the jar and haven't been posted yet. I feel like my having those sprites made and formatted as patterns is not as obvious as the fact that I made Luigi, but at the same time, I also feel like less people would care. Both of the sprites look fairly nice at the pattern size, though, so I hope that some of you are looking forward to them.

With all of that uploaded and typed, I am done for tonight, but I will be back again very soon with some new cross stitch patterns! Until then, have a nice start to your week!


  1. Eep!! These are awesome!! I love making stars! I need to print out the Robotech ones and make them for my brother. He's a huge Minmei fan!

    I actually cross stitched your pattern for him as a Christmas gift one year! He loved it!

    1. Oh, that's really cool! The Robotech set is the one I'd assumed no one else would care about, both with the original patterns and these stars, so I was actually excited to read that!

      Also, since I just got my reply button and am now abusing it, are you the one who had asked for the two new He-Man/She-Ra patterns? If so, they have been in the jar since it started, so they should pop up soooner rather than later!