Monday, October 28, 2013

A New Monochrome Link Pattern, Plus Me Asking What Characters You Want in the Future

Hello! I am kind of sleepy and the internet is barely working, so I am actually typing this blog post in Word Pad while I wait for Blogger to load the post builder. Despite these problems, however, I finished a new monochrome Legend of Zelda pattern today, and, as they seem to be the most popular big patterns that I've posted by a longshot- that's right, for some reason, people are downloading the Zelda patterns more than my giant Medabots pattern- I wanted to post the new one before it sat around for too long!

For today, I don't have a pattern of a new or exciting character, but I do have a pattern of little kid Link from the beginning of The Wind Waker when he's running around in pajamas. I based this off of an image on a poster where he's at the beach with Aryll and his grandma, and even though there's already a pattern of Link, this seemed really cute, so I made it. Plus, no one has complained about the fact that there's two patterns of Zelda in the set and an upcoming one of Tetra, so nothing seemed to be stopping me.

I realize that this isn't completely accurate, but when I made this pattern, I decided to make the picture and trim on the pajamas black, so that they would show up and make this a little bit more interesting to stitch. Also, though I'm not sure anyone cares at all, this pattern ended up being 133 instead of 135 stitches tall, so it's a bit smaller than the rest of the set. As I formatted the chart, however, I decided that since he doesn't have a hat in this pattern, that's perfectly fine. Anyway, here is the shiny new monochrome pattern of Link!
With today's pattern in this set posted, I have three more that I'm working on, so it's not done yet. Would you guys be interested in more patterns in this set with Link and Zelda from the games that don't look like The Wind Waker? I've been using that and the matching DS games so far just because they're really cute, but it would be cool to use some of the other games, too. If you have an opinion on this or characters from other Zelda games that you'd be interested in seeing, please comment!

I am done for today, but should have more stuff pretty soon! Until then, have a good week!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Three Sprite Patterns and at the End, a Question About the Monochrome Zelda Patterns

Hello! Today, I seem to have my full internet powers back, so I can finally post to my blog again! Aside from my excitement at being able to post here, I don't have that much to say, since I just wrote a giant reader response on how composition teachers ought to respond to student writing. I do, however, have three sprite patterns for you, all of which I have already drawn from my jar. It is difficult to think of a way to connect these three patterns, but since there's one of them that someone actually asked for at one point, I will start with him.

This pattern, in keeping with my last major set of sprite patterns, is of Walt Jr. from Breaking Bad, with an unnecessarily elaborate breakfast table in front of him. I am working on stitching this, and the table does not actually add that much time to getting this pattern done, though I suspect that it'll be difficult to get him to stay up with the standees that I keep making my sprites into. I feel like, with the full breakfast of bacon, eggs, and orange juice, however, this is a much better pattern than it would have been without the table. Plus, if I add two little plastic bases to the standee, I think that this will work out very well.
Since the other two patterns that I drew for today were definitely not requests, I decided to start with the pattern of Spika, one of the golfers from Pangya, because she at least has fluffy hair and detailed clothing. I can't remember if I posted my pattern of her in her basic outfit yet or not, but in this pattern, she has the bizarre outfit that you won if you did a series of increasingly boring golfing tasks during the time period which the game developers declared to be her birthday. It was probably not necessary for me to make this pattern, as I am not sure who, aside from myself, intends to cross stitch the space girl from a video game about golfing even once, let alone in two different outfits. The sad thing about that, though, is that as long as this blog keeps going, you guys are probably going to have to deal with a third chart of her.
Today's final pattern is of Hon Fu, the Korean police officer from Fatal Fury 3. At this point in my blog's history, I don't feel like I have to explain why this pattern exists. Please just enjoy today's obscure fighting game character cross stitch pattern.

I've been working on a ton of new patterns today, all of which I am looking forward to posting, so I should be back here with more sprite patterns and more large patterns very soon. Before I go, I would like to say that I did get the anonymous comment about the monochrome Zelda patterns, and looking at my saved pattern files, Tetra will probably be the next one posted. Is there someone different or more that you guys want in that set? I also have, probably about half finished, a Minish. I don't know if anyone would stitch this or not, but because it is a cute little mouse with person clothes and a shamrock, it seemed important to me that I make a pattern of one. This is a very small list, though, so if you have any suggestions or requests, please leave a comment about it!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Look At This Little Twin Stars Cross Stitch Flyer I Got! (Piles of Photos)

Hello! This post is going to be pretty pointless, since there will be no patterns or anything like that. I have, however, by selling out and doing my internet searches with Bing instead of Google, been able to continually earn 3 dollar gift cards to, which I can then spend on a variety of really dumb things. I earned another gift card last week, and while I was doing weird item searches on Amazon instead of actually being useful, I found a Little Twin Stars cross stitch booklet from 1984 that I could pretty much get for free. I couldn't find anything online about what patterns were actually in it, other than photos of the cover, so for today's post, I scanned the finished project pages, both to show off and so that other people who want the book can see what patterns are actually in it. I don't have anything for the patterns themselves, but the charts are really clear and big, with three different brands of floss listed in the keys. Plus, the weird sayings that are added to most of the charts are completely removable, which is going to come in handy for when I actually make this stuff.
To start things out, here is my incredibly exciting scan of the cover. The book is used, so it's not in perfect condition, but I think it's still pretty good. The inside of it doesn't look used at all. Also, do you guys like how artfully I blurred out the original owner's name? You can't tell there was ever anything there at all.
Next in line is my incredibly advanced reconstruction of the booklet's center pages. If you click on it, the patterns are pretty easy to see, but I was able to find text free versions of most of the pictures that they must have used to make these patterns online. The one in back on the left page, where they're sitting on the fence in front of the picturesque country house, because I guess that's where you hang out if you live in the sky, looks really fun to make. It looked like, from bing and google image searches, Sanrio likes that picture, too, as the drawing of it popped up over and over again, both with and without the mysterious house. I kept seeing this version of it, linked from Pinterest boards that linked to blogs that linked back to Pinterest, making it impossible to trace the source. (My educated guess would be that it somehow came from Sanrio.) I might use the bright pink grass when I make it, though, because that's more fun than the green in the book, and also slightly more terrifying.
This is the photo page from the front half of the book, featuring my favorite thing in the whole booklet- the inexplicable teeth brushing pattern. I looked this up, because I couldn't decide which country to blame the strangeness of it on, but then found a photo of it on some stickers on soCal72girl's Flickr page. Because it's hard to see the pattern in this image, I am posting the sticker version of it, too. (The sleeping picture isn't in the actual pattern.)
I can't decide if I like this pattern because it's of a really boring subject or because Lala seems to be really, really angry that she just had to brush her teeth. I'm not even sure that Sanrio has properly proven that the Little Twin Stars have teeth, so that might just make the whole thing worse. Maybe that's why she looks like she wants to tear Kiki's head off over dental hygiene. Without her obviously enraged cartoon face, though, I don't think that I'd make this pattern, so it's probably her unquenchable rage that makes the whole thing. Also, I think that I'll use the colors from the stickers when I stitch this, because it could be easy to get tired of stitching all of that pink and blue hair.
Here is my last picture from the book, which is the page of photos from the second half. I know that a lot of you who read this blog are Sanrio fans, too, so do any of you know if the picture of them praying on a cloud is from other Little Twin Stars art or products? It was one of two that I couldn't find in any other form (the other one being the one from the center where Kiki is playing trumpet and Lala is passive aggressively not playing the harp), but this one seems a little more out of place. I wouldn't be surprised if Sanrio drew both of them, but the two that I can't find elsewhere are the two that the pattern maker put religious sayings on, so I'm kind of curious about it. If anyone knows, please leave a comment about it! Other than that, though, I really like the pattern way in back where they're on the shooting star with woodland creatures who seem to be taking the whole ordeal pretty well.

I think that I've done enough blogging for tonight, but if you stumbled across this blog looking for information on the Linda Dennis book of Little Twin Stars cross stitch patterns, I hope it was useful to you! I've seen photos of two other Sanrio fliers with her name on them, too. One is a Hello Kitty one that looks kind of strange and off from the cover, and the other is a My Melody one that looks really nifty. I think that this can keep me busy for quite a while,though, and I hope that you guys liked the photos! I'll be back really soon with some new sprite patterns, so thank you for sitting through this post.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Portrait Pattern of a New Pokemon Trainer

Hello! Today, I am kind of sleepy and stuffy headed, so when I was doing my homework before coming here, I kept typing the wrong words and forgetting what I wanted to say in the middle of my sentences. That probably means that it is not my best idea ever to do a blog post. I have a really nifty new Pokemon pattern that I want to post, though, so even if the post doesn't make a lot of sense, there'll at least be that for you guys!

The other day, probably because I am behind on my Pokemon information, I found out that the trainers for Pokemon X and Y had names. It doesn't really matter what they are, though Serena and Calem are better names than Hilda and Hilbert. What mattered about that was that I could make patterns with better labels on them than Pokemon X/Y Female Trainer, like I did with my sprite patterns. Because of that, I decided to try and make a fancier pattern of Serena. I was originally going to use a screenshot from the anime for this, but since that hasn't actually been on yet, there were only two or three reference images available. I came to the conclusion that dealing with that wasn't going to be much fun and then started using a screenshot from the game itself instead. Originally, I intended to try and turn the 3D character model into a sprite, which would have been cool. Instead, however, I ended up making a chibi portrait pattern of her. I think that it came out pretty well, and if you want to stitch a portrait pattern without having that much time for it, this one is a bit smaller than normal. I might work on it while I watch TV tonight, but I haven't decided if I will or not yet. Regardless of what I decide to do, though, I hope that some of you like this pattern!
I do not feel confident in my ability to continue constructing sentences, so I am done blogging for now. I've gotten a ton of requested sprite patterns done in the last couple of days, though, so you guys can expect to start seeing those very soon! Until then, have a nice day!