Saturday, October 19, 2013

Three Sprite Patterns and at the End, a Question About the Monochrome Zelda Patterns

Hello! Today, I seem to have my full internet powers back, so I can finally post to my blog again! Aside from my excitement at being able to post here, I don't have that much to say, since I just wrote a giant reader response on how composition teachers ought to respond to student writing. I do, however, have three sprite patterns for you, all of which I have already drawn from my jar. It is difficult to think of a way to connect these three patterns, but since there's one of them that someone actually asked for at one point, I will start with him.

This pattern, in keeping with my last major set of sprite patterns, is of Walt Jr. from Breaking Bad, with an unnecessarily elaborate breakfast table in front of him. I am working on stitching this, and the table does not actually add that much time to getting this pattern done, though I suspect that it'll be difficult to get him to stay up with the standees that I keep making my sprites into. I feel like, with the full breakfast of bacon, eggs, and orange juice, however, this is a much better pattern than it would have been without the table. Plus, if I add two little plastic bases to the standee, I think that this will work out very well.
Since the other two patterns that I drew for today were definitely not requests, I decided to start with the pattern of Spika, one of the golfers from Pangya, because she at least has fluffy hair and detailed clothing. I can't remember if I posted my pattern of her in her basic outfit yet or not, but in this pattern, she has the bizarre outfit that you won if you did a series of increasingly boring golfing tasks during the time period which the game developers declared to be her birthday. It was probably not necessary for me to make this pattern, as I am not sure who, aside from myself, intends to cross stitch the space girl from a video game about golfing even once, let alone in two different outfits. The sad thing about that, though, is that as long as this blog keeps going, you guys are probably going to have to deal with a third chart of her.
Today's final pattern is of Hon Fu, the Korean police officer from Fatal Fury 3. At this point in my blog's history, I don't feel like I have to explain why this pattern exists. Please just enjoy today's obscure fighting game character cross stitch pattern.

I've been working on a ton of new patterns today, all of which I am looking forward to posting, so I should be back here with more sprite patterns and more large patterns very soon. Before I go, I would like to say that I did get the anonymous comment about the monochrome Zelda patterns, and looking at my saved pattern files, Tetra will probably be the next one posted. Is there someone different or more that you guys want in that set? I also have, probably about half finished, a Minish. I don't know if anyone would stitch this or not, but because it is a cute little mouse with person clothes and a shamrock, it seemed important to me that I make a pattern of one. This is a very small list, though, so if you have any suggestions or requests, please leave a comment about it!


  1. I just love your monochrome Zelda patterns :D I've done the one with Medli and it turned out great. I would be in heaven if you made lots of these :P
    // A Swedish fan ;)

  2. I love all of your patterns so much ^_^ this may be a random and bizarre request! Blame my brother!! lol But one day would you maybe be doing any Lizard Lick Towing patterns?!? I did say it was random! he is such a geeky fan of the show it would be it would nice to surprise him with a little stitched gift ^_^ If not, tis all good ^_^
    love n hugs

    1. Hello! I hope that this reply reaches you! As someone with an entire PC folder dedicated to future cross stitching patterns from Game Cube games about collecting robots, nothing seems that random. I don't know that much about it, though, other than having seen ads, so if you see this comment, could you e-mail or reply with more details? (As you can tell, I have very little faith in this newfangled comment reply system.)