Friday, November 29, 2013

A Big Pattern of a Fairy from the Legend of Zelda Games

Hello! I don't know how many of you guys are new readers to this blog in the past year, but every December, I post sprite patterns every day in an event that I very cleverly call "Sprite Patterns December." Thanksgiving was so late this year that it took me a while to figure out that December, and, by extension, Sprite Patterns December, starts on Sunday. I have a lot of stuff lined up and ready to go, but before I spend a month posting really tiny patterns, I want to post another monochrome Legend of Zelda pattern.

For today, I just made a pattern of one of the fairies from Wind Waker, which isn't very exciting, but it is really cute. I figured that the level of cuteness would make up for the fact that, even though I have a list of characters people want, I made one of the very few characters from the game that was not actually on it. Though it is probably not the case that people just forgot about the fairies and will be thrilled once they see how much this looks like a Sanrio character, I hope that this is true for at least one reader other than myself.

This pattern was made to match the rest of the set as well as possible. She's 135 stitches tall, which is not proportionally correct, but I am not sure that matters. There's a lot of white space on this, so it shouldn't take too long to stitch her, either. I hope that you guys like the pattern!
For today, I am done because my brain is fried. I will be posting again on Sunday, though, with the start of Sprite Patterns December! Until then, have a nice weekend!

Monday, November 25, 2013

A Lovely Portrait Pattern From an RPG I Have Never Played

Hello! Tonight, I will not be making a very long post. While I was working on my chart for tonight, I kept forgetting where my fingers were on the keyboard and typing strings of gibberish instead of floss colors and symbols, so that doesn't make the thought of writing a full length blog post seem very promising. However, someone had requested some patterns of characters from Lunar: Silver Star Story, an RPG, and I got one done, so I wanted to get it posted before I forgot about it.

Before I post this, I have to say that I know very little about Lunar: Silver Star Story. I ended up doing a pattern of Luna first, mostly because she looks kind of like the girl from the front of the giant cardboard box for the PS1 version of Lunar: Eternal Blue. I played some of that game quite a while ago, so that seemed like an okay point of reference. I am not sure if she was an important character or not, but there were a lot of screenshots and stuff featuring her, so she must have at least been popular. I liked making this pattern, though, and I think that it came out well! However, I want to ask people who have actually played this game if there are other characters that I should be making, too. Because I've never played the game, I don't know which characters do and don't matter, so as I post Luna, I am slightly worried that she's some girl who lives in a house in your town and joins your party for five battles before wandering away that the fan base just kind of got obsessed with. Even if she is, however, I hope that you guys like today's pattern!
I am done posting for now, but I'm having fun making portrait patterns, so I might post another one pretty soon! Until then, have a nice week, and if you are a reader in the USA and I don't post again before that, a happy Thanksgiving, too!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

BMO is a Real Cross Stitch Pattern!

Hello! I have had a lot of stuff to do at school and wasn't feeling that good, so I haven't posted here for a long time. Right now, though, it's Thanksgiving break and I'm feeling a lot better, so it seems reasonable to do a blog post today! First of all, I want to reply to an anonymous comment that I got last night! Doing a 12 days of Christmas thing where I have 12 patterns in one day and 11 the next is a cool idea, and not a bad one, but I am lazy and have final projects due in December (one of them on the 22nd, which I am not looking forward to), so I will just be doing two or three patterns a day, like I usually do in December. It is not very festive, but I don't think I would be able to get that many patterns done and posted! Hopefully, though, this will be another good sprite patterns December.

Anyway, today I have a requested pattern of BMO from Adventure Time! It was requested a few posts ago, and when I replied, the stitcher that wanted it said that she was patient with a really cute smiley face after it, so I sort of feel bad that it took me this long to make it. I think that it turned out well, though, and will probably make this myself at some point! It's a medium sized pattern, but there aren't any huge color blocks, so it shouldn't be boring to make, and BMO looks really happy, so that's nice, too. I hope that you guys like this pattern!
In the same post, I got a request for some patterns of characters from Lunar: Silver Star, which I do not know that much about. It looks like it will be fun to make the characters, though, so I will try to have one of them in a few days!

I am done now, because I have a lot of Doctor Who to watch! I should be back with a new post pretty soon, though, so until then, have a good weekend!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Frilly Girly Sprite Patterns and One of an Impractically Dressed Ninja

Hello! I don't have any good reason to do a blog post today, other than that I feel like doing one and think that the internet will hold out for me for the amount of time that it will take to do this post. It's not going to be a very special post, since it's just a round of three sprite patterns that I drew from my jar, but, as I already drew them and know what is to be posted, I think that it'll be interesting!

The first pattern for today is a bit different from most of my sprite patterns in that it's actually a Pokemon! I got a request for a set of them from a reader last month, and as every Pokemon on her list was pretty much shaped like a person, I thought that it would be fun to see if I could make them without screwing up too badly. Today's pattern is of Lilligant, which is one of my favorite Pokemon because I tend to like flowery and girly rubbish. I'm not sure that this is the most impressive of the Pokemon patterns that are currently in my jar, but it is one of the ones that I like best, even though it will take a ton of different greens to stitch her properly. I think that she came out really well, though, and hope that you guys like her, too.
The second pattern for today, which is quite different from the first, is of Taki from Soul Calibur. (Actually, this could be her outfit from the PS1 game, Soul Blade, but I don't remember or actually care.) This pattern was actually a huge pain to make, as her ninja outfit is very detailed in it impracticality. I feel like, if you're going to be a ninja with a face mask, maybe the cleavage is important to cover, too, but I suppose I am not thinking with fighting game logic. Anyway, I do not actually play as Taki, so for those of you that do, that is why I left out whatever small detail or another that you guys are looking at and wondering why it is not there. I might make one of her alternate outfits at some point, like I did for some of the other characters, but I thought that this pattern was cool enough to be sufficient.
Today's final pattern is yet another Cardcaptor Sakura, which got saved for last because I felt like sandwiching the ninja between the two fluffier and frillier patterns. This is one of the Sakura patterns that I like best, but it's a pretty ordinary outfit, so I can see where it could also be sort of boring.

I am done with blogging for today, but I should be posting something again soon! I've been e-mailed a lot of cool stuff that I am going to eventually do a post on, and I have a lot more patterns, too, so there is no lack of content about which to post. Until then, have a nice weekend and a good start to November!