Friday, November 29, 2013

A Big Pattern of a Fairy from the Legend of Zelda Games

Hello! I don't know how many of you guys are new readers to this blog in the past year, but every December, I post sprite patterns every day in an event that I very cleverly call "Sprite Patterns December." Thanksgiving was so late this year that it took me a while to figure out that December, and, by extension, Sprite Patterns December, starts on Sunday. I have a lot of stuff lined up and ready to go, but before I spend a month posting really tiny patterns, I want to post another monochrome Legend of Zelda pattern.

For today, I just made a pattern of one of the fairies from Wind Waker, which isn't very exciting, but it is really cute. I figured that the level of cuteness would make up for the fact that, even though I have a list of characters people want, I made one of the very few characters from the game that was not actually on it. Though it is probably not the case that people just forgot about the fairies and will be thrilled once they see how much this looks like a Sanrio character, I hope that this is true for at least one reader other than myself.

This pattern was made to match the rest of the set as well as possible. She's 135 stitches tall, which is not proportionally correct, but I am not sure that matters. There's a lot of white space on this, so it shouldn't take too long to stitch her, either. I hope that you guys like the pattern!
For today, I am done because my brain is fried. I will be posting again on Sunday, though, with the start of Sprite Patterns December! Until then, have a nice weekend!