Monday, November 25, 2013

A Lovely Portrait Pattern From an RPG I Have Never Played

Hello! Tonight, I will not be making a very long post. While I was working on my chart for tonight, I kept forgetting where my fingers were on the keyboard and typing strings of gibberish instead of floss colors and symbols, so that doesn't make the thought of writing a full length blog post seem very promising. However, someone had requested some patterns of characters from Lunar: Silver Star Story, an RPG, and I got one done, so I wanted to get it posted before I forgot about it.

Before I post this, I have to say that I know very little about Lunar: Silver Star Story. I ended up doing a pattern of Luna first, mostly because she looks kind of like the girl from the front of the giant cardboard box for the PS1 version of Lunar: Eternal Blue. I played some of that game quite a while ago, so that seemed like an okay point of reference. I am not sure if she was an important character or not, but there were a lot of screenshots and stuff featuring her, so she must have at least been popular. I liked making this pattern, though, and I think that it came out well! However, I want to ask people who have actually played this game if there are other characters that I should be making, too. Because I've never played the game, I don't know which characters do and don't matter, so as I post Luna, I am slightly worried that she's some girl who lives in a house in your town and joins your party for five battles before wandering away that the fan base just kind of got obsessed with. Even if she is, however, I hope that you guys like today's pattern!
I am done posting for now, but I'm having fun making portrait patterns, so I might post another one pretty soon! Until then, have a nice week, and if you are a reader in the USA and I don't post again before that, a happy Thanksgiving, too!

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  1. Thank You!!! The pattern is so awesome! Thanks for listening!!!