Saturday, November 23, 2013

BMO is a Real Cross Stitch Pattern!

Hello! I have had a lot of stuff to do at school and wasn't feeling that good, so I haven't posted here for a long time. Right now, though, it's Thanksgiving break and I'm feeling a lot better, so it seems reasonable to do a blog post today! First of all, I want to reply to an anonymous comment that I got last night! Doing a 12 days of Christmas thing where I have 12 patterns in one day and 11 the next is a cool idea, and not a bad one, but I am lazy and have final projects due in December (one of them on the 22nd, which I am not looking forward to), so I will just be doing two or three patterns a day, like I usually do in December. It is not very festive, but I don't think I would be able to get that many patterns done and posted! Hopefully, though, this will be another good sprite patterns December.

Anyway, today I have a requested pattern of BMO from Adventure Time! It was requested a few posts ago, and when I replied, the stitcher that wanted it said that she was patient with a really cute smiley face after it, so I sort of feel bad that it took me this long to make it. I think that it turned out well, though, and will probably make this myself at some point! It's a medium sized pattern, but there aren't any huge color blocks, so it shouldn't be boring to make, and BMO looks really happy, so that's nice, too. I hope that you guys like this pattern!
In the same post, I got a request for some patterns of characters from Lunar: Silver Star, which I do not know that much about. It looks like it will be fun to make the characters, though, so I will try to have one of them in a few days!

I am done now, because I have a lot of Doctor Who to watch! I should be back with a new post pretty soon, though, so until then, have a good weekend!

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