Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sprite Patterns December Day 31: More Requests and My Current WIP

Hello! It's the last day of Sprite Patterns December here at Dork Stitch, and for next year, or, to be more accurate, the next couple of weeks, I have a lot of cool stuff planned. I have some new big patterns to post, and, as far as sprite patterns go, I have a lot of requests to post and some hosts of fake talk shows, too. For today, however, my computer and I are locked in a terrible battle, so I am going to post a few requested Vocaloid patterns that I've had in storage and call it a day! I've mentioned it before, but I did my first set of these patterns when I'd just started making sprite patterns, so they didn't look so great. After I got some new requests, however, I decided to try again and, this time, the Vocaloids ended up looking much better! For today, I have Miku and Rin, with an alternate and much fancier alternate outfit for each of them. I hope that you guys like them!

Before I go today, I'm going to post a photo of my current project, which I'm hoping will be my first finish of 2014! It's of one of the silhouettes from the anti-idol singer signs posted by the government on AKB0048, which is a fluffheaded anime that I watched the first season of last semester. I'm stitching it on 7 count plastic canvas with glittery yarn, so she's about 22 inches tall, which is cool. It's going pretty quickly, too, so I think I can finish in the next couple of days. Here is the project so far, though.
I am done for today, and the month, but it'll only be a couple of days before I post again! Until then, have a happy start to 2014 and good luck with all of your crafts!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Sprite Patterns December Day 30: The Last of the Current Cardcaptor Sakura Pattern Set

Hello! Today is the next to last day of Sprite Patterns December, so it seemed like a good idea to post the last of the Cardcaptor Sakura patterns that I've been tormenting you guys with for the last year. The three that I had left in the set worked out well, since I ended up with a cute wandering-around-town outfit, one of her insane battling outfits, and then a really boring school outfit. I really have no idea if anyone is stitching or beading these or not, though I've made a couple of them, but the outfits are really frilly and fun to pixel, so I'm probably going to make more of them at some point. If you have been following this set, though, I hope that you like these patterns and that I'm not accidentally double posting any of them!

Tomorrow will be the end of Sprite Patterns December, so I will be back for another post then! Until that happens, have a nice next to last day of 2013, or last day, for some readers!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sprite Patterns December Day 29: Even More Pokemon Stuff

Hello! Today, I wasn't sure what I was going to post, but I wanted to make some new Pokemon sprite patterns, so those are what I have for you guys! I felt like I did pretty well with the Pokemon who were pretty much built like people, so I wanted to try making a couple of them that didn't at all fit my template. I ended up making these patterns from scratch, but in the end, I think that they fit the other sprite patterns very well! Plus, if you've stitched a trainer, it could be cool to stitch a Pokemon for them, too. The only problem is that so far, your only options are the Pokemon that I've already posted and, from today's post, Bellsprout, which I chose because it is great, and Fennekin, which I chose because I picked it as my starter in X and Y. I plan to make more of these, so if you have a favorite Pokemon that you'd like to see me screw up, let me know! For now, here are today's two very quick to stitch charts.

For tonight, I have nothing more to post! I'm going to do more stitching and continue watching the marathon of all of the episodes of Breaking Bad and post again tomorrow. Until then, have a nice evening!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Sprite Patterns December Day 28: Some Characters From Aveyond

Hello! It's day 28 of Sprite Patterns December, so it's getting really close to the end of the month! For myself, I keep making patterns of characters from anime about pop stars, and am working on a giant, brightly colored, sparkly cross stitch from AKB0048 (I know that it's stupid, but it's about idol singers fighting an anti-pop music government in outer space, so I don't care) that I might show a WIP of here before the month is over. I hadn't been posting many WIP photos on here because I thought that my current computer had no SD card slot, but it turned out that I was an idiot and it did have one, right in front, so I can do that again!

Regardless of all of that, though, I wanted to use tonight's post for some requested patterns! Towards the start of the month, I got some requests for characters from an RPG called Aveyond. I don't have all of the requested characters done yet, because I am slow, but for tonight, I do have patterns of Mel, Edward, and Stella. I haven't played any of the Aveyond games before, and had a bit of trouble finding production art for them, so these patterns were made from a combination of their in-game sprites and character portraits. With Mel, I was lucky enough to find a title screen, so her outfit should be pretty accurate. For Edward and Stella, though, I ended up looking at little sprites and trying to decide a lot of details for myself, so they might be a bit weird for fans of the games. I like these quite a bit, though. Mel uses a color scheme that isn't very common for characters from anything, and Stella's long hair and fluffy dress are cute. Plus, I don't make suits of armor often, so Edward was cool to make, too. All of them should be pretty normal to stitch or use for perler beading, so here are tonight's patterns!

I am done for tonight, and not quite sure what I'll post tomorrow, but I'll do my best to post something cool! Until then, have a good day and good luck with your crafting stuff!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Sprite Patterns December Day 27: Some Stuff

Hello! I'm not going to do a very big post tonight, since I'm sleepy and watching TV, but I still have some patterns to post! I'm not sure what's in my still-to-post folder, but I know that I have over 70 patterns in there, so there's no danger that this post will be empty!

First, here is a pattern of Serena, the female player character from Pokemon X/Y! I didn't know her name when I did this pattern, so it's not labeled properly. Plus, she's just in her basic outfit, since I hadn't played the game yet and didn't know how many clothes you could buy for her. I still like this pattern, though, so I hope she is useful to someone!
My next pattern, because I know he was the most wanted character from anything, is of Turnip from Chrono Cross. I really like this pattern, and made it quite a while ago, but am just posting it now. I actually have to make some more Chrono Cross charts now in order to keep posting them, though, so that's a bit disappointing. It should be fun, though!
I am starting to type words inside out and backwards, which does not bode well for the fact that I'm about to go e-mail people, but to finish this post off, here is a pattern of SNK's Athena, in her faux Greek swimsuit outfit from SNK vs. Capcom and Neo Geo Battle Coliseum. I have actually stitched this, with purple satin floss for her hair, and it came out really well, which was cool. She's up with my other SNK fighting game pattern standees in my dorm room, a set which I am quite proud of.

I am done for tonight, but have plenty of requests to work on, so I'll have no trouble coming up with a post for tomorrow. Until then, have a nice day!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sprite Patterns December Day 26: More Stuff I Mostly Made For Myself That Maybe You Will Like, Too

Hello! Today, I was going to wait until later to do a blog post, but then I got bored while I was sorting colored rubber bands into different compartments of a box, so I'm doing it now! Yesterday's post of patterns was pretty big, so today I'm just posting some Robotech stuff. I used to feel bad when I did this, but now that I have been told that some of you guys reading this blog also like Robotech, it seems okay. Today I have three characters from the second season, though, the Southern Cross stuff, so I may have just erased all of your goodwill! I have quite a few of them ready to go, but for today, I'm posting Marie and Nova, since I posted Dana about a year ago and want to finish off the patterns of the military captain girls (I'm not sure if that's their actual rank, but it gets the point across), and then one of Musica, because she has an 80s anime big head sprite pattern, and I'm proud of it. I posted six Doctor Who patterns yesterday, though, so these things happen.

I'm done with posting now, but I'll have more patterns for you guys tomorrow! I'm not sure if it'll be more or less exciting than this, but the cross stitch patterns will, indeed, be on the internet and ready to stitch. Have a lovely day!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Sprite Patterns December Day 25: The Six Doctors

Hello, everyone, and merry Christmas! I was going to wait until after the Doctor Who Christmas special had aired here in the US before doing this post, since it'll be outdated in the UK the moment that I post it, but I got a new Pokemon game this morning, so I am posting now and getting it done! For today, my goal was to finish sprite patterns of all of the Doctors from Doctor Who, as I was talking about yesterday. Here in the United States, I have accomplished that goal for the next few hours, meaning that when most of you read this, I will no longer have been successful. (If we get to see his specific outfit, I might have Peter Capaldi posted within the next couple of days. If you guys have any other Doctor Who character requests, let me know so I don't end up posting him alone! I know a couple of characters I can post with him if there's none you guys ask for.) For now, though, I am pretty happy with these, so here are today's patterns!

The first Doctor that I'm posting in my quest to fill in the blanks of this set is, oddly enough, William Hartnell, the first Doctor. I like making sprite patterns in black and white, but if you guys want a color version of him, let me know! I have the color version of Patrick Troughton for the end of this post, so I did not totally ignore you the last time that this happened. When I stitch this, though, I'm going to make this version of him.
The next pattern for today is of the third Doctor, Jon Pertwee. I finished this pattern quite a while ago, since I wanted to make the fancy cape, but kept forgetting to post it. It's finally up here now, though, so I hope it can be put to good use!
Here is the pattern for Sylvester McCoy, the seventh Doctor, which requires more floss colors than the rest of these do, several of which are different shades of brown. This was the most difficult of the patterns I worked on yesterday by a lot, so I hope that it's recognizable. He fits in with my row of Doctor Who patterns pretty well, though, so he can't be that bad.
For this pattern, featuring the eighth Doctor, played by Paul McGann, I didn't have to work too hard to decide how to make his outfit, because there were about two existing promotional photos of him for the TV movie. Next to the pattern of River Song, he has the most elaborate hair of any of the Doctor Who patterns, and, in fact, it was the most difficult hairstyle to get to look proper since I made the pattern of Skyler White, for the Breaking Bad set. I doubled some of the colors for the hair and the clothes to keep the color count down, but I think it'll still look okay.
For today's last brand new pattern, here is John Hurt's character from the 50th anniversary special! I wasn't sure what to call him for the pattern, but the internet seems to have settled on calling him the War Doctor as a way to avoid a massive nerd renumbering spree, so I decided to take advantage of that. I'm not sure if any of you guys wanted this as part of the set, but I wanted this pattern, so here it is!

For today's final pattern, here is the color version of the second Doctor that I promised above! The colors on this pattern are really bright, so it is fairly different from the black and white version of the chart. Like I said, if you guys want a color version of the first Doctor, I can do that, too, hopefully a bit more quickly! I actually did make this pattern the day after it was first requested, but just haven't posted it until now.

After all six of those new patterns, I am done for today! I hope that you guys like the patterns, and that you had either a merry Christmas or a really nice Wednesday! Tomorrow, I'll have some more sprite patterns, but for now, I am going to play video games!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Sprite Patterns December Day 24: An Early Start on the Christmas Doctor Who Patterns

Hello! Today I opened my paint and cross stitch pattern making programs to work on my post for tomorrow and realized that I was planning to post seven patterns tomorrow, four of which I hadn't even started, and an eighth one that I was considering, but not sure if I could finish it in time. I am still planning all of these patterns, and will be posting five of them tomorrow, unless my computer explodes and my hands fall off. For today's post, however, I think that I'm going to get my pre-planned Doctor Who patterns extravaganza (though for an extravaganza, it's a little underwhelming) started with two patterns of some of the bad guys and a third pattern that I found sitting around in my still-to-post folder!

For the past year or so, I think that the sprite patterns requested most often have been Daleks and Cybermen. Since I wanted to have those patterns, too, it was no problem, but with the Doctor Who Christmas special, I wanted to wait until Christmas to post them. I didn't quite make it for these two, but Christmas Eve seems like as good a day to post patterns of creatures set on destroying humanity as any. The Cyberman pattern was horrible to make, and when I first made it on Sunday, I think (Bob's Burgers was on when I was working on it), I decided that I was going to file it away and never look at it again. Today, though, I despise it much less, so I'll post it. I really like the Dalek pattern, though, so I'm not reluctant to post that at all. These are both a little more complicated than most sprite patterns, so, especially with the Dalek, the color key may actually be a relevant detail. I'm still probably going to grab random colors and hope for the best, but since a lot of you reading this are more precise than I am, I wanted to say something about that. Anyway, here are today's shiny new patterns!

For today's last pattern, I found a pattern of Clara from last year's Christmas special, in her fancy 19th century clothing, that seems worth posting! It's just an alternate outfit for a pre-existing pattern, so I didn't want to give her a special post, but I like this pattern. Hopefully, it will be useful to you guys, too!
I am done with today's post, but am leaving here to work on the sprite patterns for tomorrow! It'll be more Doctor Who stuff for Christmas, which I'm not sure is a surprise to anyone, but I'm having fun working on these patterns. Until then, have a nice Christmas Eve if you celebrate it, and a lovely Tuesday evening or any other holiday that might be occurring if you don't!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Sprite Patterns December Day 23: Video Game Princesses and the Last Danny Phantom Pattern

Hello! Today, my head is so stuffed up that I feel like it could float away! Because of that, I'm going to use this post to just put a few odds and ends from my sprite-patterns-to-post folder, which should be fun. Today's first pattern is of Princess Zelda, in her dress from Ocarina of Time. Eventually, I'd like to have a lot of different sprite patterns of Princess Zelda, but so far, I only have this one and the version of her from A Link to the Past. They're pretty different, though, so I don't feel like it's a waste to post both of them! Are there any versions of Zelda in particular that you guys would like to see?
Since I'm feeling all princess-y now, I also have a pattern of Princess Alis, from the first Phantasy Star game. I thought that it would be funny to make a character from the first game in the style of the sprites from the second for quite a while, but only got around to actually doing this last month. I think that it came out well, though, and that it goes nicely with Princess Zelda, too. I really want to stitch this, but haven't gotten around to it yet, though I'm sure it'll work out well when I do!
I feel like I should have some sort of requested chart in this post, so I'll use today's last spot to finish up the Danny Phantom set! The last pattern is of a girl named Sam, and I think that she's one of Danny's friends, from stuff I saw when I was working on these patterns. I like this pattern, though, especially the highlights in her hair, even if I'm not totally sure who it is, so I hope that you guys like it, too, or, at the very least, that it looks like the character!
For now, I am done posting and off to play stupid Facebook games, but I will have more stuff tomorrow! Until then, have a nice evening and a good start to Christmas Eve!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sprite Patterns December Day 22: I Do What I Want!!!

Hello! Tonight, I want to make some patterns, but I have to actually do a post first, so I'm posting the next few charts in my Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves set! I know that very few of you are actually excited about this, but I am fond of this set, and am going to work on some requested stuff and the patterns for the Christmas post after I am done here. Plus, I know from comments and e-mails that I am not the only person who wants to cross stitch characters from SNK fighting games, so that makes this less of a futile endeavor! Anyway, for today, I have patterns of Terry Bogard, in his inferior brown coat and no hat outfit that was nevertheless necessary to finish this set, followed by B. Jenet, who I made a bad pattern of years ago, leading to this spiffy redone one, and Hokutomaru, who I don't have much to say about. There's nothing too fancy about any of these patterns, but I hope that those of you who have been following this set enjoy them! There's still a few of them left to go!

I just got a message saying that I got an A on the paper I kept typing out, and though I have no reason to talk about that here, I complained about it enough on here that I feel like you guys deserved an update! With that said, I'm done for today, but I'm going to get off of this blog and work on some oft-requested patterns for the Christmas post! I'm betting that a few of you have guessed what the subject of the holiday patterns will be, since I pretty much just told someone what I was doing earlier in the month. I should have some cool stuff in the next two days, too, so until then, have a nice evening!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sprite Patterns December Day 21: Even More Pokemon Stuff

Hello! This afternoon, I've been working on some new patterns, mostly featuring my party members in Marvel: Avengers Assemble, a dumb Facebook game that I keep playing, so if you guys are really excited to eventually see some patterns of comic book characters that really aren't all that popular, sometime soon, I will have quite the post for you. I'm getting really frustrated with my computer today, though, and, whether its accurate or not, am blaming Windows 8 for most of the problems, so rather than sit and glare at my mouse for another hour, I am going to post some stuff that I already got charted!

Today, I have a couple more requested Pokemon patterns, from the same set as the Lucario and Vespiquen patterns that I posted earlier this week. These patterns, however, featuring Lopunny and Gardevoir, are notably sassier. I actually think that, despite the fact that they are disproportionately larger than most of my sprite patterns, these two came out really well. They don't require any backstitching or anything like that, but they have plenty of detail and, hopefully, look like the in-game/on TV Pokemon while still being in the same style as the other sprite patterns. I haven't made these yet, but someday, I do plan to stitch all of these Pokemon patterns, and hopefully make a few more of them, too. For now, though, here are today's patterns!
I am done posting for today, but tomorrow, I shall have more patterns! Good luck with whatever weather you might be having and have a nice rest of your Saturday!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Sprite Patterns December Day 20: More Harry Potter Stuff

Hello! I am not as enthusiastic as I usually am today, but I do have some new Harry Potter patterns! Today's cast members are Harry, Ron, and Hermione, because no matter how many minor characters get requested, I still want to have the main characters included in the set. Because I was paying too much attention, all of them have slightly different school uniforms, but I kept the color scheme the same for all of them. Other than that, there's nothing too unusual about these patterns, so I hope that you guys enjoy stitching them!

I am done for today, but will have some more patterns and stuff tomorrow. Until then, have a nice start to your weekend!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sprite Patterns December Day 19: The Scientists From Pacific Rim

Hello! Today, my post isn't going to be very long. I got home from school for winter break, and my mom gave me a bag of the little rubber bands that you use to make bracelets! I went to the Lion Brand website, and it told me how to make my weaving/knitting loom into a rubber band bracelet loom, started trying to make the bracelets, and then eventually realized that every junior high girl in the country is smarter than I am. I panicked over writing my giant paper, but it was still easier than making these bracelets are. I am not quitting until I successfully have a tiny rubber band bracelet, though, so I am doing my blog post now and going back to the project!

For today, I have two sprite patterns for you guys of Newt and Herman, the scientists from Pacific Rim! I stitched these two as standees this summer, and have had them in my dorm room all semester, next to a figurine of a kaiju and under my stitching of the Pan Pacific Defense Corps logo, which is now next to a mini-poster for the movie, thanks to my family grabbing it for me from a theater's lobby. I realize that not all of you have this level of enthusiasm for Pacific Rim, which is probably good for society, but I still think that these are good patterns! Newt takes a bit of backstitching, but other than that, there's nothing unusual about them. Usually, I would type that I hope that you guys like these, but today, I like them, so I don't care what you guys think. Today you are at my pattern-posting mercy.

With that done, I am finished posting for today, but I'll have some new patterns tomorrow! I have some new Harry Potter ones to post, and got Ami's request for the Kingdom Hearts characters yesterday, so I'll be working on those along with some more FFVIII stuff! I'm also working on some stuff from anime that I've been watching this semester, so if you're looking forward to some patterns of characters from old OAVs that everyone hates, you're in luck! For now, I'm off to keep trying to make the rubber band bracelets, so wish me luck! If I succeed, I might have photos tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sprite Patterns December Day 18: Three Requested Patterns, All From Different Stuff

Hello! I finished the paper that I've been talking about in here and get to leave school for Christmas break tomorrow, so tonight, I'm doing my blog post before the school cafeteria starts handing out free French toast. They're having other breakfast foods, too, which is nice, but I want the French toast more than the other things, so that is my primary focus.

Anyway, today, I'm going to be using this post to put up a few single character patterns. There's three two requested patterns in today's post- one of them, featuring Haruko from FLCL, that I think will eventually be part of a larger set, and another, Huntress from Dungeon Defenders, that I had forgotten about and had to look up the video game that she was from. The third character for today is Kairi from Kingdom Hearts, and since the request for her wasn't very specific, I actually have two more patterns of her in different outfits that I'll post in the future. I don't know very much about Kingdom Hearts, so I didn't know if any of the outfits would mean anything to fans of the games. They were fun to make, though, so I hope that today's version of her, the only pink one, is suitable for whoever originally requested her!

I am bad at focusing today, so this is all that I am going to post for now! I'll be back tomorrow with more nonsense and patterns, though, so until then, have a nice day!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sprite Patterns December Day 17: The Rest of the FFVIII School Disciplinary Committee

Hello! I probably should have posted sooner than I actually am today, because I am tired and my brain is mush, but I spent a really long time editing and proofreading my paper today, then flew across the sidewalk and fell when I went across campus to get coffee (but there was no gum on my car today!) and then my cable wasn't working, so I watched a DVD of the Tekken movie, Blood Vengeance, that came out last year and had been sitting on my bookshelf all semester. I am not sure why a video game company would hire one of the guys who wrote for Cowboy Bebop to make an anime about cheerful high school girls and friendship based on their video game about kicking people, and then have the whole thing end in a 20 minute fight between three characters who were not in the movie for the first 70 minutes, but after researching this movie online, it seems that I am in opposition to most people who saw this movie about what the watchable part was. Then again, I do not have anything against movies with "girls yakking their heads off" (this is an actual quote from an IMDB review), though I did get a little impatient when everyone started screaming about the bowels of hell and being on fire, and then when it had pretty much the same ending as the first Pokemon movie, but with more robots and maybe it was about the environment, too, I was just kind of confused. It wasn't good, but it wasn't boring or homework, so I guess that's what matters.

Anyway, like I was saying last night, I made a couple of new Final Fantasy VIII patterns after seeing that someone had almost finished making the set! I've actually played the game, so I didn't need to beg for character requests like I have with other things, but I did end up making Raijin and Fujin, two fairly minor characters. They reminded me of Solt and Pepper from Chrono Cross, but less old time-y and maybe a little more competent, so I thought it would be fun to have patterns of them. I think that these patterns came out well and will probably make them, so I hope you guys like them, too!

I think that I'm almost done with sprite patterns from FFVIII now, so I can move onto IX soon, which seems like it will be difficult, but fun. I still have to make the dream world characters, but I think that's just four more, so I might have that before the end of the month.

Anyway, this is all that I have for now, but I will have yet another blog post tomorrow! I have no idea what sprite patterns it will contain, but hopefully, I will pick some before I start posting. Until then, have a nice day!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Sprite Patterns December Day 16: Two Slightly Large Sprite Patterns of Pokemon

Hello! Earlier tonight, I saw that another blogger, Kakashi-copycat-kun, had done almost all of the Final Fantasy VIII sprite patterns as perler beads, and got all excited about that and wanted to make more patterns for the set for tonight. However, after seeing what time it was (getting gum off of your car really eats up more time than you'd realize), it seems like a more reasonable goal to have new patterns in the set tomorrow night. I can think of six more characters to make without stretching things too far, so I'm looking forward to making those patterns. For tonight, however, I have some requested Pokemon sprite patterns that were difficult to make, very different from the standard sprite patterns, and, hopefully, came out really well! I posted the Lilligant from this set already, so for tonight, I'm going to post, oh, let's say Lucario and Vespiquen. All of the requested Pokemon were pretty much shaped like people, which was helpful when making this set, but they still took a lot of work that I think was worth it in the end. They're a little bigger than standard sprite patterns, but that'll just make it even cooler when they're towering over the rest of your sprites! Anyway, I hope that you guys like these!

I am done posting for tonight, and headed off to play stupid games on Facebook and make more sprites! I actually don't feel stressed out about my final paper at all right now, which is good, even if it may be misguided, so it'll be fun to make some new patterns. Anyway, I will have a new post tomorrow, so, until then, have a nice day!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sprite Patterns December Day 15: Finishing the Batman Set

Hello! Today, I am feeling sort of out of it, so this post will not be very long. As I brought up at the end of yesterday's post, however, I do have the rest of the requested Batman set for you guys! I said before that I thought two out of the three characters were pretty easy to guess, and the ones I was referring to in that case were Catwoman and Poison Ivy. The pattern for Catwoman was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be, and I'm not sure how well I like it, but no one that I've shown it to has been disappointed, so I might just be too picky. I think Poison Ivy turned out well, but by this point, if I hadn't figured out how to make a sprite pattern with big hair and elaborate footwear, I'd be screwed in terms of most of the requests you guys make. The last of the three characters in the set is Nightwing, who I am not ashamed to admit I saw in the list and thought, "Oh, from that episode of Teen Titans where Starfire goes to the future and she's all like, 'Robin!' and he's like, 'No. Robin is dead. I'm Nightwing.'?" (This episode may not have gone quite as I remember it going.) I realize that upon reading that, there are some people who are probably kind of horrified, but Nightwing is not in the 90s Batman cartoon, and he had all his stuff done with before Batman Beyond started, so that effectively leaves him out of my zone of knowledge. The pattern was fun to make, though, and I think it ended up looking cool. Anyway, before I get distracted and go make a set of Teen Titans patterns, here are today's cross stitch patterns, finishing up the Batman set!

I am done blogging for today, but will have new sprite patterns tomorrow! Farewell, and have a nice evening!