Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sprite Patterns December Day 11: Two of the Bad Guys From Batman

Hello! I am getting to the point in the semester where I look at my grades, see that one hasn't been entered yet, and figure my grades to reassure myself that, even if the professor hates my assignment so much that she gives me a zero on it, I will still do well in the class. I know that this is insane, because on every other assignment that I have handed in, I have gotten an A, so it is illogical to think that I will get no points on the last one, but even if I do, I will apparently be okay. Once I did that, though, I decided to e-mail in my partial draft for a paper in my other class a few hours earlier than I had to and take a break from homework for a little bit. I still have class tonight, but since it's the one where my final presentation is finished, all I have to do is sit back, eat snacks, and watch other people suffer through their own presentations.

Because my class is three and a half hours long and I want to watch American Horror Story when it is over, I am doing my posting for today in the afternoon! I wasn't sure what patterns to post, so I am going to just post the next two charts in the Batman set, since those seem to have gone over well. For today, out of the five that I have left, I guess that I'll post the Riddler and Two-Face, since those two characters were both in Batman Forever, and that's as good a connection as any. These sprite patterns are based on the 90s cartoon of Batman, so if you are expecting some realistic melted-off face details, I am quite sorry to disappoint you. If you came to this blog today with the hopes of getting a pattern of a lunatic in a bowler hat, though, I am glad to have helped make your day better.
Of the last three patterns in the Batman set, I think that at least two of them should be pretty easy to guess. The third character is not one that I would have included unless he'd been requested, but that's more because I wouldn't have thought about it rather than because of any burning animosity toward the character. To be honest, I don't know that much about Batman, so in the comics, this character could have gone nuts and killed a bunch of people for no reason, but he seemed okay on Teen Titans, so there you go.

I think that I am done posting for today, and am probably going to make some more patterns. I don't know what they will be yet, but it should be fun, and I look forward to doing a new post tomorrow!

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