Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sprite Patterns December Day 12: 3 New Blazblue Patterns and My Ranting About Blazblue:Alter Memory

Hello! Welcome to day 12 of Sprite Patterns December here at Dork Stitch! I just got back from Wal-Mart, and it was horrible. One of my roommates wanted to buy a suitcase, but after she grabbed a broken one, the employees were really rude to her for an extended period of time, and while I was waiting, I saw a little girl call her mom a huge list of creative, but horrible names, for not letting her spend more than six dollars on her food at McDonalds, all while random metal shelving units on wheels were just stuck in the middle of the grocery aisles. It was a beautiful holiday wonderland. I shouldn't have to go back there for the rest of the semester, though, so I guess that's okay.

Anyway, for today, I'm posting a few more of the patterns that I made from Blazblue, because now that there's an anime based on it and I got a request for a character, I feel like it is slightly less irrelevant. I was going to go on a crazy person rant about the anime and how little sense it makes, but then I was informed that when I played video games about running clothing stores, I was setting back women's rights an entire generation, which, despite the large amount of power that it granted me, displaced that rant, and then I went to Wal-Mart, which in turn displaced that rant.

I would like to warn you after re-reading my post that this next paragraph contains some very vague spoilers, so if you intend to start watching Blazblue: Alter Memory, or have started watching it and thought, "Wow! This is so much better than I thought it would be! I'm nowhere near as disappointed in this as I was in the King of Fighters movie that's on Netflix!" then skip this paragraph, because my words can not convince you how far off the rails this anime is going to go. As I feel that the only audience for that statement may have been me last month, this may not be a relevant warning.

Because of that, I am just going to post these Blazblue patterns without saying too much about the fact that if someone rises to a high rank in an organization, but is, in fact, a crazed, maybe immortal (I'm not sure about that), supervillain, and also one of the secretaries of this organization seems to be an all-powerful robot, someone other than a teenage girl who for some reason has a squirrel tail should, at some point, probably notice this. Also, I feel like someone has to mention that if an assassin is really upset that her best friend from school has an office job with a boy she likes, but also, that friend is a robot clone of his sister, maybe that should do something to lessen the blow. (I actually don't know if the assassin knows this, but I feel like someone should tell her if she doesn't. It could save everyone a lot of trouble.)

I should probably just quit watching Blazblue, but I feel like, with only two episodes left, I've come too far to stop now. I know that at the end, I will be even more irritated than I was at the end of Under the Dome, where the creators promised a full ending to the story, then got a second season and ended it on a cliffhanger, but at the same time, I also know that whatever happens, I probably will not have predicted it, and it can't be as bad as the VHS of board meetings that ended the OAV for Irresponsible Captain Tylor, which I watched earlier this week.

Anyway, after you read all of that joyous text, I'm sure that those of you who care are looking for the actual Blazblue patterns instead of my complaining about a cartoon based on the game. For today, I have patterns of Ragna, the main character that I never play as, Jin, his screaming psychopath brother, and Arakune, the weird bug guy that looks like the Noh face from Spirited Away. My railing against the anime aside, these patterns are really complicated, so they're fun to make, and I still enjoy the games, so I will definitely keep working on this set of patterns. I have Hazama done, but not on a formatted chart, and I still have a lot of fluffy, frilly characters to make, so they will be coming up before too long. For now, though, enjoy these patterns!

I found a fourth finished and charted pattern in the set that I hadn't posted yet while I was uploading these, but, despite the fact that it is of is a popular character, I think that I will save him for another post.

For today, I am done, but tomorrow, I think that I will have some stuff that was requested to post for you guys. Until then, have a nice night and good luck if you have to go shopping!

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  1. I know pretty much zip about Blazblue, but these patterns are awesome! I MUST stitch these :D Also, which clothing store game were you playing? I've been spending my time on the Wedding Dash series - which probably would make whoever told you that upset, as well.