Friday, December 13, 2013

Sprite Patterns December Day 13: The Start of a Set I'm Sure Won't Get Out of Hand

Hello! Originally, I was going to do this post a little later tonight, after I'd gone to the on-campus movie, but it's snowing a lot, so we lost cable TV and I'm worried internet could go, too, so I'm posting now! I saw them putting salt out when I was preemptively shoveling off my car, so I at least will not break my limbs in an attempt to watch mediocre sci-fi, but apparently, our TV was hanging by a thread to start with, so this did it in.

Anyway, for today, I have the start of the Harry Potter set of sprite patterns! I've wanted to make these for quite a while, but, sadly, really only actually started making them because I've been wasting a lot of time playing Lego Harry Potter on my DS. I have gotten tons of character requests now, which is really cool, and I was able to make a few of them this afternoon! In today's post, though, I'm posting the two characters that were requested ahead of my asking you guys about this, which are Ginny Weasley and Severus Snape. I think that both of these patterns ended up being nice enough, and, in fact, Tama over at Stitching Daze already stitched Snape, either because she got the pattern early using mysterious secret evil magic or because I e-mailed it to her, so I know that at least one of them stitches up well! Actually, with Snape, the preview image on the pattern does not look quite like it should, but, if you follow the color key, he won't have the same weird blue look that he does on the pattern. 939 is a lot closer to black than the preview images will generate for it, but, if you still aren't happy with that, 3799 is a dark gray that could work pretty well, too. I really have nothing to say about Ginny's pattern, so here are today's cross stitch charts!

That's all the stuff that I have for today, but I will have some more patterns for you guys tomorrow! I'm not sure which ones I'll post yet, but I have plenty of stuff ready to go in case I get totally stuck. Have a good start to your weekend and good luck with whatever crafts you're doing!


  1. Love them! can't wait to add them to my peanut can and stitch them ^_^

  2. Love! I adore the Snape pattern - Ginny will go on my to-do list, of course :D Snape may go on a to-do-again list because my sibling keeps trying to steal him! XD

  3. Yay, I love these! Looking forward to the others you might add to the set too :-)