Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sprite Patterns December Day 14: A Robotech Minor Character Group Pattern

Hello! After yesterday, which was full of club meetings and movies, campus is really quiet today. Stuff's been getting cancelled because the weather is still not good, and a lot of people are either gone or just staying inside, so there is a suspicious lack of noise. I got a lot of work done on my big paper, which is good, but now that I'm sick of that, it's time for posting to this blog, followed by stuff that's even less useful!

For today, I have a pattern to post that I really like, but that I am well aware will not be as well received as yesterday's Harry Potter patterns. A few days ago, it was really loud here, and I thought, "Oh! It would be so cool if I made a really big sprite pattern of a giant robot!" The problem with that was that it was really late and I was unable to draw pixels that matched that ambition. I did, however, realize that with all the patterns I've made for Robotech characters, I had not yet made the barely indistinguishable from each other girls that work on the ship in Macross, so I kind of set about doing that. I shut off my computer fairly quickly after deciding to do that, but when I got up in the morning, I had one of the girls done, a moustache and top hat drawn on a generic girl, and the words "Please be quiet, I don't like you" typed in comic sans in a bubble coming out of the old time-y gentleman girl's mouth, directed at the noisy person. Before I'd gone to bed, that had been really funny, but after I had finished my breakfast, it was just kind of confusing. Being more awake, though, it seemed like it could be a good idea to make all three of the bridge girls in the same pattern, so I decided to try that.

After doing a bunch of homework and other stuff like that, it ended up being late again by the time I actually got to work on my pattern. This time, however, I managed to be much more productive and managed to actually finish my oversized pattern of minor characters from an old anime that I know only a few of you are interested in! It was really fun to make this pattern, though, and I think that using the different poses worked well. Plus, whenever I do patterns of characters from 80s cartoons, no matter what country they're from, I have to make the heads a pixel taller, because everyone has such puffy hair, which is funny.

Anyway, from left to right, the characters in this pattern are named Sammie, Kim, and Vanessa, which I just had to look up in order to tell you. Other than the fact that there's three of them, there's nothing very out of the ordinary about this pattern. The color key looks like it's way out of hand, but that's more because of the number of characters than anything else, so it should not be a problem if you would like to stitch this. I'm sure that I will at some point, so I hope that some of you guys like this pattern, too!
That is pretty much all I have for today, but tomorrow, I think that I will probably finish off the set of Batman patterns! Until then, have a nice day and enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I keep forgetting how funny these three made the show ("What? Sammie's in charge?!")... then I remember that supposedly all three are killed when Khyron rams the SDF-1. Worse yet, I looked them up on a wiki (because I wasn't sure about the names, either) and it turns out that according to the timeline, 2014 is the time of Khyron's suicide run. So, it's kind of appropriate you made these now. It's also very, very sad. If I make this trio in Perler beads, I think I'll put a sepia filter on the photo, complete with handwriting, "Bridge Bunnies Forever <3" just to hit home the pathos.