Monday, December 16, 2013

Sprite Patterns December Day 16: Two Slightly Large Sprite Patterns of Pokemon

Hello! Earlier tonight, I saw that another blogger, Kakashi-copycat-kun, had done almost all of the Final Fantasy VIII sprite patterns as perler beads, and got all excited about that and wanted to make more patterns for the set for tonight. However, after seeing what time it was (getting gum off of your car really eats up more time than you'd realize), it seems like a more reasonable goal to have new patterns in the set tomorrow night. I can think of six more characters to make without stretching things too far, so I'm looking forward to making those patterns. For tonight, however, I have some requested Pokemon sprite patterns that were difficult to make, very different from the standard sprite patterns, and, hopefully, came out really well! I posted the Lilligant from this set already, so for tonight, I'm going to post, oh, let's say Lucario and Vespiquen. All of the requested Pokemon were pretty much shaped like people, which was helpful when making this set, but they still took a lot of work that I think was worth it in the end. They're a little bigger than standard sprite patterns, but that'll just make it even cooler when they're towering over the rest of your sprites! Anyway, I hope that you guys like these!

I am done posting for tonight, and headed off to play stupid games on Facebook and make more sprites! I actually don't feel stressed out about my final paper at all right now, which is good, even if it may be misguided, so it'll be fun to make some new patterns. Anyway, I will have a new post tomorrow, so, until then, have a nice day!

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  1. Tehehe XD I still have to make these for my sister. I can't get floss anywhere! My town only sells it in ONE shop and that is $7 each :(
    -kiwi :D