Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sprite Patterns December Day 19: The Scientists From Pacific Rim

Hello! Today, my post isn't going to be very long. I got home from school for winter break, and my mom gave me a bag of the little rubber bands that you use to make bracelets! I went to the Lion Brand website, and it told me how to make my weaving/knitting loom into a rubber band bracelet loom, started trying to make the bracelets, and then eventually realized that every junior high girl in the country is smarter than I am. I panicked over writing my giant paper, but it was still easier than making these bracelets are. I am not quitting until I successfully have a tiny rubber band bracelet, though, so I am doing my blog post now and going back to the project!

For today, I have two sprite patterns for you guys of Newt and Herman, the scientists from Pacific Rim! I stitched these two as standees this summer, and have had them in my dorm room all semester, next to a figurine of a kaiju and under my stitching of the Pan Pacific Defense Corps logo, which is now next to a mini-poster for the movie, thanks to my family grabbing it for me from a theater's lobby. I realize that not all of you have this level of enthusiasm for Pacific Rim, which is probably good for society, but I still think that these are good patterns! Newt takes a bit of backstitching, but other than that, there's nothing unusual about them. Usually, I would type that I hope that you guys like these, but today, I like them, so I don't care what you guys think. Today you are at my pattern-posting mercy.

With that done, I am finished posting for today, but I'll have some new patterns tomorrow! I have some new Harry Potter ones to post, and got Ami's request for the Kingdom Hearts characters yesterday, so I'll be working on those along with some more FFVIII stuff! I'm also working on some stuff from anime that I've been watching this semester, so if you're looking forward to some patterns of characters from old OAVs that everyone hates, you're in luck! For now, I'm off to keep trying to make the rubber band bracelets, so wish me luck! If I succeed, I might have photos tomorrow.

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  1. I like all the detail work on these! Can't be easy with such a small space. Did you get the bracelet done?