Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sprite Patterns December Day 21: Even More Pokemon Stuff

Hello! This afternoon, I've been working on some new patterns, mostly featuring my party members in Marvel: Avengers Assemble, a dumb Facebook game that I keep playing, so if you guys are really excited to eventually see some patterns of comic book characters that really aren't all that popular, sometime soon, I will have quite the post for you. I'm getting really frustrated with my computer today, though, and, whether its accurate or not, am blaming Windows 8 for most of the problems, so rather than sit and glare at my mouse for another hour, I am going to post some stuff that I already got charted!

Today, I have a couple more requested Pokemon patterns, from the same set as the Lucario and Vespiquen patterns that I posted earlier this week. These patterns, however, featuring Lopunny and Gardevoir, are notably sassier. I actually think that, despite the fact that they are disproportionately larger than most of my sprite patterns, these two came out really well. They don't require any backstitching or anything like that, but they have plenty of detail and, hopefully, look like the in-game/on TV Pokemon while still being in the same style as the other sprite patterns. I haven't made these yet, but someday, I do plan to stitch all of these Pokemon patterns, and hopefully make a few more of them, too. For now, though, here are today's patterns!
I am done posting for today, but tomorrow, I shall have more patterns! Good luck with whatever weather you might be having and have a nice rest of your Saturday!

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