Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Sprite Patterns December Day 24: An Early Start on the Christmas Doctor Who Patterns

Hello! Today I opened my paint and cross stitch pattern making programs to work on my post for tomorrow and realized that I was planning to post seven patterns tomorrow, four of which I hadn't even started, and an eighth one that I was considering, but not sure if I could finish it in time. I am still planning all of these patterns, and will be posting five of them tomorrow, unless my computer explodes and my hands fall off. For today's post, however, I think that I'm going to get my pre-planned Doctor Who patterns extravaganza (though for an extravaganza, it's a little underwhelming) started with two patterns of some of the bad guys and a third pattern that I found sitting around in my still-to-post folder!

For the past year or so, I think that the sprite patterns requested most often have been Daleks and Cybermen. Since I wanted to have those patterns, too, it was no problem, but with the Doctor Who Christmas special, I wanted to wait until Christmas to post them. I didn't quite make it for these two, but Christmas Eve seems like as good a day to post patterns of creatures set on destroying humanity as any. The Cyberman pattern was horrible to make, and when I first made it on Sunday, I think (Bob's Burgers was on when I was working on it), I decided that I was going to file it away and never look at it again. Today, though, I despise it much less, so I'll post it. I really like the Dalek pattern, though, so I'm not reluctant to post that at all. These are both a little more complicated than most sprite patterns, so, especially with the Dalek, the color key may actually be a relevant detail. I'm still probably going to grab random colors and hope for the best, but since a lot of you reading this are more precise than I am, I wanted to say something about that. Anyway, here are today's shiny new patterns!

For today's last pattern, I found a pattern of Clara from last year's Christmas special, in her fancy 19th century clothing, that seems worth posting! It's just an alternate outfit for a pre-existing pattern, so I didn't want to give her a special post, but I like this pattern. Hopefully, it will be useful to you guys, too!
I am done with today's post, but am leaving here to work on the sprite patterns for tomorrow! It'll be more Doctor Who stuff for Christmas, which I'm not sure is a surprise to anyone, but I'm having fun working on these patterns. Until then, have a nice Christmas Eve if you celebrate it, and a lovely Tuesday evening or any other holiday that might be occurring if you don't!


  1. Now my Christmas Eve is complete. Thank you!!

  2. Love these patterns-especially the Dalek!

  3. Thank you for making my Christmas :) I have spent most of my day watching the Doctor Who marathon on TV with my parents and sister which happens every Christmas.
    (It is Christmas in New Zealand)

  4. Woah, these are awesome! Great Dalek pattern! Looking forward to your next sprites :-)