Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Sprite Patterns December Day 25: The Six Doctors

Hello, everyone, and merry Christmas! I was going to wait until after the Doctor Who Christmas special had aired here in the US before doing this post, since it'll be outdated in the UK the moment that I post it, but I got a new Pokemon game this morning, so I am posting now and getting it done! For today, my goal was to finish sprite patterns of all of the Doctors from Doctor Who, as I was talking about yesterday. Here in the United States, I have accomplished that goal for the next few hours, meaning that when most of you read this, I will no longer have been successful. (If we get to see his specific outfit, I might have Peter Capaldi posted within the next couple of days. If you guys have any other Doctor Who character requests, let me know so I don't end up posting him alone! I know a couple of characters I can post with him if there's none you guys ask for.) For now, though, I am pretty happy with these, so here are today's patterns!

The first Doctor that I'm posting in my quest to fill in the blanks of this set is, oddly enough, William Hartnell, the first Doctor. I like making sprite patterns in black and white, but if you guys want a color version of him, let me know! I have the color version of Patrick Troughton for the end of this post, so I did not totally ignore you the last time that this happened. When I stitch this, though, I'm going to make this version of him.
The next pattern for today is of the third Doctor, Jon Pertwee. I finished this pattern quite a while ago, since I wanted to make the fancy cape, but kept forgetting to post it. It's finally up here now, though, so I hope it can be put to good use!
Here is the pattern for Sylvester McCoy, the seventh Doctor, which requires more floss colors than the rest of these do, several of which are different shades of brown. This was the most difficult of the patterns I worked on yesterday by a lot, so I hope that it's recognizable. He fits in with my row of Doctor Who patterns pretty well, though, so he can't be that bad.
For this pattern, featuring the eighth Doctor, played by Paul McGann, I didn't have to work too hard to decide how to make his outfit, because there were about two existing promotional photos of him for the TV movie. Next to the pattern of River Song, he has the most elaborate hair of any of the Doctor Who patterns, and, in fact, it was the most difficult hairstyle to get to look proper since I made the pattern of Skyler White, for the Breaking Bad set. I doubled some of the colors for the hair and the clothes to keep the color count down, but I think it'll still look okay.
For today's last brand new pattern, here is John Hurt's character from the 50th anniversary special! I wasn't sure what to call him for the pattern, but the internet seems to have settled on calling him the War Doctor as a way to avoid a massive nerd renumbering spree, so I decided to take advantage of that. I'm not sure if any of you guys wanted this as part of the set, but I wanted this pattern, so here it is!

For today's final pattern, here is the color version of the second Doctor that I promised above! The colors on this pattern are really bright, so it is fairly different from the black and white version of the chart. Like I said, if you guys want a color version of the first Doctor, I can do that, too, hopefully a bit more quickly! I actually did make this pattern the day after it was first requested, but just haven't posted it until now.

After all six of those new patterns, I am done for today! I hope that you guys like the patterns, and that you had either a merry Christmas or a really nice Wednesday! Tomorrow, I'll have some more sprite patterns, but for now, I am going to play video games!


  1. Oh my... I saw yesterday's post first but then saw this one - you've totally made my New Year! These are going on my January list as one of the 'crazy' projects (where you either start one a day for fifteen days or for the whole month). Gonna buy them their very own piece of fabric instead of scraps, too - even if they will be all cut apart later! I'm so excited - I feel like running in little circles and cheering :D XD :D

  2. Cool!! :)
    I'm planning on watching Dr Who tomorrow!
    I like to record it and avoid the commercials!! :)

  3. Merry Christmas and thank you! I don't know where to start but I think I agree with Tama and they need their own special piece of fabric.